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Henna Hand
Important News! Ambient Inc. no longer offers body modification services although we do continue to act as body modification health and safety awareness advocates. We'd like to thank our loyal clients over thee past eight (!) years for their patronage, and still hope these pages will continue to serve as a resource.

Whether you are contemplating your first piercing, doing a research paper for school or looking up some background on thee latest fad for your choice ov media, you owe it to yourself to get informed. Currently, little-to-no legislation or regulation covering body arts exist, so it's up to clients to be aware ov thee risks. We urge you to use the following links and resources to further your understanding ov these age-old practices revisted.
  • Getting pierced? Make an Informed Decision
  • Body Art: Is it Self-Mutilation?
  • Nipple Piercings and Breastfeeding Are they compatible?
  • Why do people do this to themselves?
  • Professional Development Resources
  • Learning How to Pierce
  • Jewellery Allergies
  • A-Typical Modifications
  • Gallery: our piercing & scarification Portfolio
  • Denise's Steel Balls pagan fetish events
  • Queen Spako's Slug Fest: behind the scenes of rec.arts.bodyart
  • Piercing in the West: A Sociological Inquiry

    Body modification issues range from safety and ethics to cultural appropriation and spirituality. It's certainly more than just a fashion statement.

  • Body Modification Ezine
  • rec.arts.bodyart newsgroup
  • alt.personals.bodyart | | alt.bodypainting: related newsgroups
  • Canadian Association of Body Artists
  • Transformation in the Urban Jungle
  • History and Culture Links
  • Body Play Magazine

    This is not an Adult Site. Some photos may contain nudity, and the texts depict practices that are potentially dangerous. Please respect your local laws and remember that we are not medical professionals. Any serious health concern should be addressed by your doctor.

  • Think YOUR job is a pain?