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Extreme Modifications

"Remember this: if you are struggling and making judgements about things then sometimes you will have to say Yes and sometimes you will say the word that some people believe is the opposite of Yes. However, if you stop judging, if you make up your mind to answer Yes to every question and request, you immediately remove struggle from your life.
Confusion will be gone. Suddenly you will have the correct answer to everything. All the energy that you once needed for making judgements and controlling your life can now be used for other things.
Like love."
from fuck, YES! by Reverend Wing F. Fing M.D., Ph.D., D.D.S., L.L.D., D.V.D., and much, much more!

Henna Hand
Eventually this page will link off to some interesting spots and host articles about some ov the more extreme forms ov body modification and body art. For now, here's a couple ov interesting links and articles I've dug up. Please keep in mind that these practices are risky and should only be done by an experienced body artist and should be undertaken only by the more serious enthusiast.

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