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Henna Hand

"When you look down on that nervous preppy girl coming in for her navel piercing, or that bravado-man jock deliberating over which Tazmanian Devil tattoo to get, just remember, we all started somewhere.
My first non-ear piercing was a nostril piercing done with a gun at a mall. Next came my eyebrow piercing as a souvenir as a trip to Seattle: it was a totally poseur gesture, since noone else had it done in my home-town.
It wasn't until after I received my branding that I understood that there could be more to body modification than body control. Before then I thought that the whole Modern Primitive scene was a crock ov shit full ov flakes.
Now I have a respect for some ov it. But I still think there are some real poo-heads out there. "
Denise Robinson

There are many professional resources for body artists out on the Net and off, and I've tried to list the more pertinent and relevant. If you have a contribution, please let me know!
Please keep in mind that these are presented as a reference and means for professionals or fandom to expand their knowledge ov the field. By no means think that visiting these sites qualify someone as an artist. Years ov experience working, caring and improving yourself alone qualify you for such an honorific.

Associations and Groups
Please read my comments about professional associations/alliances:

The Bead Ring
American Tattoo Association
Association of Professional Piercers
CABA: Canadian Association of Body Arts

Cultural Issues
Customs of Middle Eastern Makeup
Hell's Bells - mutilation & rocknroll & Bible Gateway: Leviticus
Can a proper Jew practice body modification?
Report on Female Genital Mutilation
Cultural Appropriation
Friends of the Swastika

Legal Issues

Eventually I'll post what my lawyer has to say in addition to these more general links. Don't wait for me, though: getting a lawyer to give you an opinion (what a concept- buying an opinion!) isn't that expensive and is good to have on record. If you know ov any legislation about body arts that is accessible online, please contact me!

Access to Justice Network
Find Bills of Interest in the California legislature

Media Issues and Relations

When I was at the May '97 APP meeting, an interesting point was brought up that I'd like to relate. If you've been working for any amount ov time, chances are you've been approached by countless students and media looking for stories. While it gets frustrating and time-consuming at times to reply to the same old questions, it's important to grant as many interviews as possible in order to inform the public and disperse prejudice.
While you're at it, remember that media like sound bites and catch phrases. You may give the most intelligent interview in the history ov media, but stick out your tongue at the end, and all you'll see on the front page ov your local paper is your gaping maw, and little-to-no mention ov safety. Unfortunately, sticking out your tongue at thee camera is often thee only way to attract attention to a cause. Canadian Electrolysis organizations have been frustrated by thee lack ov attention they receive: I guess hair-removal isn't as exciting as metal through flesh or ink under skin!

Cautionary Tale ov abuse by media

Medical, Health and Safety Issues

While I was at the '97 APP meeting I got into a discussion with some members about selling aftercare solutions or products. They claimed that so long as you word you aftercare as suggestions and never make specific claims but keep things vague ("some clients have found that...") one could avoid potential prosecution and sell aftercare products with impunity.
I disagree. My local medical supplier advised me against offering cleaning solutions or even soaps to clients since any thing that I sell, I could be held responsible. If a client had an adverse reaction to the product, I and my company could be held liable. I offer this as food for thought, and a warning.

NEW: Health Canada Guidelines for Infection Control in Piercing, Tattooing and Electrolysis

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for infectious micro-organisms
Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
Canadian Governmental Departments with Chief Responsibility for Occupational Health and Safety
Occupational Health and Safety Admin. (USA)
Diseases, Disorders and Injuries in the workplace: Hepatitis B, HIV, Latex Allergy, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Sterilization and Disinfection of Medical Devices (CDC)
Canadian Latex Allergy Association
Latex Allergy Survival Kit
Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Online
Environmental Health Directorate Homepage
Environmental Health and Safety

HealthGate- Free MEDLINE searches for medical papers
WebMD- good info about HepC and other ailments
Canadian Red Cross
American Red Cross
St. John Ambulance Canada Home Page

secret shame -self-mutilation
Is it self-mutilation if someone else does it for you?
Mental Health Net
"Self-Mutilation" in Psychiatry -- One Patients View
Nursing & Health Care Resources on the Net

Products, Suppliers & Equipment
rec.arts.bodyart FAQ

A word or two about Iodine based solutions in regards to cleaning fresh Body Piercings
Steel: Students and specifiers notes
NorthBay Bio and Science spore testing
Online Java-Jewellery gauges

We are not medical professionals. Any serious health concern should be addressed by your doctor.

Information is free, but please respect the effort we've put into these pages and the wishes of our clients.
Do not use the articles or images on the Ambient Inc. pages without permission and giving proper credit.

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