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CyberPunk 2021

Republic of Texas M-86 Multiple Mortar Carrier

Vehicle design and text by Nodegamra, HTML and editing by Hound
After the Texas-Mexico War the Republic of Texas Army decided it wanted to not only increase the amount of fire support available from mechanized mortar platoons, but also enable mortar units to be attached down to the squad level. The solution was multiple mortar carriers: Mortar tracks with turrets fitted with multiple guns that were automatically aimed, elevated and fired when fire missions came in. This has proven to be an excellent force multiplier for the Republic of Texas: Now instead of 6 mortar tracks with 5 man crews and one gun each, they have 6 mortar tracks with 3 man crews and 4-6 guns each. Missions can be controlled by the platoon's FDC track, or the tracks can operate individually, enabling single vehicles to be attached to mechanized, ACPA or tank platoons. The digital networking nature of the Republic of Texas military makes their indirect fire even more deadly
TOP SPEED 60 mph ACC/DEC 10/50 mph
CREW 3 RANGE 300 miles
SP 40 TYPE IFV, Tracked
MASS 20 Tons COST 969,000 eb
Special Equipment: Fire extinguisher, environment control, IR smoke screen, smoke launchers x2, military radio with scrambler, BattleTac IVIS (treat as a C3I computer), Light amplification, active IR sensors, Remote target, artillery computer.

Weapons: Turret with 6 Rhinemetall AM-2 automatic mortars. The feed design is modified so that the mortars feed from 5 round ready magazines which draw their ammo from rounds stored in the hull. The guns are automatically controlled and directed by the automated fire direction control systems. The system has a heavy weapons skill of 17+. Due to the digital networking system of the republic of Texas military the full skill is usually used (unless the digital network is off line or unavailable) and recieves a +15 for the network, GPS, and artillery computer bonuses. The vehicle has 10 spaces available for mortar rounds (20 rounds per space unless rocket assisted shells are carried) One of the mortar tubes can be dismounted and fired from a ground mount. (See the EEC/Panhard Mk-12 Infantry Support Vehicle for more info on the AM-2).
Ring mount for a 1 space weapon and 1 space of ammo at the commanders and gunner's possition (the gunner can not fire the mortars while the vehicle is moving and generally doesn't do much during normal fire missions, other than double check the numbers and watch the readouts for the mortars, so he doubles as ground and air security.) More machinegun ammo can be carried externally.

M-124 Heavy Multiple Mortar Carrier
Nothing more than a M-86 with four 120mm mortars that are essentially scaled up versions of the AM-2. Because of the reduced space due to the larger mortars, there is only 8 spaces for mortar ammo (120mm rounds take up 1 space per 10 rounds. All other stats are the same.