The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

CyberPunk 2021

EEC/Panhard Mk-12 Infantry Support Vehicle

Vehicle design and text by Nodegamra, Special thanks to FIX for the vehicle idea, HTML and editing by Hound
A light infantry support vehicle designed by the EEC to augment it's light infantry and mech infantry troops. It has a specially sloped and modified under carriage to help resist mine strikes (Armor SP on underside is only 75% of total SP instead of half SP), and mounts several light and heavy weapons to enable it to provide quick firesupport in most combat situations. The vehicle is simple, rugged, relatively cheap and has lots of room for after market add ons. Another feature is it features hand and foot holds so up to a squad of troops can ride on the outside if conditions permit. This vehicle is popular with security forces, border guard agencies, and many third world nations.
TOP SPEED 70 mph ACC/DEC 10/30 mph
CREW 3 RANGE 300 miles
MASS 20 Tons COST 768,000 eb
Special Equipment: Remote target system/automatic fire direction control computer, environment control, fire extinguisher, anti-laser areosol, IR smoke screen, Smoke launchers x2, Military radio with scrambler, Image enhance, Infared, laser detector, navigation system, teleoptics, and Thermograph.

Weapons: High angle turrent tri-barreled 20mm caseless gatling gun* with +2 targeting computer, weapon stabilization, 4 magazines and a laser rangefinder/painter. Internal space for a HATGM launcher and 6 reloads (7 missiles total), or 7 spaces of missiles/rockets. Coaxially mounted H&K G-20 10mm machine gun with 4 magazines. Ring mount for 1 space weapon and 1 space of ammo. Rhinemetall AM-2 breech loading automatic 81mm mortar, with computerized gun control firing out a hatch from the front right hand side of the vehicle (opposite the driver's possition), with space for 80 shells.

Sternmeyer M-20B 20mm Gatling +2 (+6) N P 8D10 100 50 VR 500m 7,000 eb 1.5 spaces Accuracy is +6 with computer sight and range finder.

Fires standard light armor piercing, antipersonell shells (8d10), armor piercing shells (8d10AP), HE (4d10, 5 meter burst) and flechette packs (range reduced to 100 meters, treat as a shot gun. Damage is 10d6AP)

Rhinemetall AM-2 Mortar HVY 0 N P 9D10 (VAR) 20 (1) 3 (1) VR 3,500m 4,000 eb 2 spaces

This is a semiautomatic breech fed mortar that feed from a 20 round carousel drum in a vehicle. The feed mechanism can switch between up to 4 different ammo drums, (ROF reduced to 1 while shifting) enabling different ammo types to be selected. The gun is automatically aimed and adjusted when a call from a forward observer comes in. The gun system has a skill of 15+, modified as per indirect fire rules. The mortar can be removed and fired from ground mount outside the vehicle (ROF 1, # of rounds 1). Removing the mortar takes 10 minutes, and 20 rounds can be unloaded in 5 minutes.