The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

The Advanced CyberPunk

D20 CyberPunk Conversion.
A 160kb RTF document converting the core CyberPunk 2020 RPG to the D20 System used by the Star Wars and Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition RPGs.

The Luck Deck.
A new way to use your luck stat, encouraging exciting use instead of saving all your luck points for that vital death save.

Sh*t Happens.
Some rules for nasty things for low-luck characters from Dartboard.

Send In The Clones!
After reading a net.article on cloning technology for CP2020 I thought I should throw in my 5¢, especially since we have a few clones running around in our game right now.

Slightly modified Improvement Points rules.
Reduced IP costs, maintaining the IP curve instead of steepening it for higher cost skills, adding the IP Float Pool to award good playing.

Body Searches and Concealed Stuff
Rules for searches, visual and manual. Useful for knowing if the players can sneak their favourite toys into that corporate installation.

The Monster's House Rules
House rules for IP Multipliers, using and improving related skills and starting cash.

Alternate Task Resolution Tables
Alternate rules for Criticals / Fumbles and an expanded system for resolution beyond the simple succeed or fail system of the basic game.

Official Eratta
The official eratta, straight from the email boxes of R.Talsorian Games, for CyberPunk 2020 1st Edition, Chrome Book 1 and Solo Of Fortune 1.

Official New Armour Eratta
The dope on armour layering direct from R.Talsorian Games and from the later editions of CyberPunk 2020. Read this if you have one of the first two printings of CyberPunk 2020 or one of the foreign language editions.

Change For The Machines.
The BlackHammer Rules for humanity loss and cyberpsychosis, adapted from the rules presented in Grimm's CyberTales.

Thesis Of Change.
An article by Denise Robinson arguing in favour of the Humanity Loss rules based on real-life experiences with body modification from the point of view of a bod-mod professional.

Brand-spanking-new alternate rules for Empathy / Humanity Loss by our man Dartboard. A more detailed way of handling the loss...

Ego Boost.
Some alternate rules for Humanity Loss using a new stat called EGO and revisions for Psychology and CyberPsychology skills from our man, Dartboard c.1995.

Point-Based Character Generation System.
A point-based character generation system developped by Wim van Gruisen ( which includes footnotes for compatability with other character generation rules on this site.

Optional use of Benefits and Penalties.
We've adapted the system to utilize the currently popular concept of "merits" and "flaws" while building a character. This system also allows for gaining additional ability score points, or getting the lifepath events that you failed to roll when you wanted them.

A new Stat - STR.
Effectively we've split the BOD stat in half - one indicating physical size, mass and toughness, while the other indicates muscular quantity and ability.

Modified LifePath using Empathy and Luck.
Ideas on rebuilding the lifepath... new lifepath tables that use your stats to affect your rolls.

The Prison LifePath.
A new set of lifepath tables for determining events during your character's stay in jail.

The Juicer OCC from Rifts.
Full rules for the most famous of the RIFTS Occupational Character Classes, the Drug and Nanotech enhanced Juicer in CP2020.

New Roles for New Punks.
A few new roles, from carreer military characters to gutter CipherPunks.

Secondary Special Abilities.
"But my netrunner has been fighting so much, wouldn't he learn Combat Sense?"

New Skills for Old Punks.
A selection of new skills from various other games and from our own demented ravings to flush out yer punk.

Orbital Weapons and the skill used to hack and control them. An article on the proper and improper use of orbital weapons technology by Dartboard and Hound.

Casino Gambling
Gamble is an Int-based skill... but how on earth do yo use it in game play?

Hey Choomba... ya say ya want urban renewal?
The Bozos in our Night City just got their hands on an 18-wheeler chock full-a C-6...
think about it...