The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

The Body Bank

The Morgue
An interactive message board where people post remembrances of characters that have passed on while doing their best to level the playing field between the 'punks and the Powers That Be...

Réthe v2.0
A character based on my NPC Réthe (see the JackAttack side bar) that got built up for a PBEM CP2020 game.

Donovan XF4
A sample porcupine character created using the Animal Hybrid Clone rules (part of the Cloning Technology article).

Officer Helmut Miniatis
An NPC from our ScumPunks campaign - a heavily augmented cop from Operation:Axe (also slightly detailed in the write-up).

Jimmy Young
A UK Netrunner.... with a twist.

A sweetheart of a solo, born a highrider and working mudside.

Dr Samuel Boyers
An old and tired doctor making an honest living and slowly being ground away by the 21st Century.

Boogie Man
Born Todd Simons, the Boogie Man, the Big West Coast Whoopin' Fixer-O-Matic.

Johnny Cargo
Escaped con with some serious mental problems wandering the mean streets of Night City.

The Grand Bozo
Probably the single scariest clow you'll ever run into. Enough to make you wish you didn't have Bozos in your home town.

The Ant Queen
A research scientist who had her own cybernetic designs implanted and has gone somewhat cyberpsychotic from the experience.

A techie that has appeared in almost all of Flash's CP2020 campaigns, and has remarkably survived!

Dave Austin, the 10,000 euro man
The full lifepath of Dave Austin, sans stats. This is the way I like to read a lifepath instead of a list of point-form entries without flavour.

A collection of recurring NPCs in my CyberPunk campain.

Rogue Gallery 2020
Here's a few character sketches with brief bios from several players.

Apocalypse was one of our first campaigns in our Night City environment. A continent-trotting adventure featuring a hard-core Chromatic Rock band and their entourage. This page is in memory of all those PCs that have gone on to meet their maker (in a pool of their own vomit).

The Profiler
A set of descriptions and outlines from Stormcrow of his characters from previous and on-going BlackHammer Project games.

Havin' a Party?

The Whole Gang
Got a character you want to share with the world? The BodyBank is always open for business and has room for spare part... err... characters! Just send your character (preferably pre-formatted in HTML) to