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Jim Rose Circus Human Zoo

What does it take to be in the Human Zoo?
Some people don't like the portrayal of body modifications (particularly the more extreme variety) as being "freaky". Like it or not, members of the Jim Rose Circus, have wowed millions with their implants, piercings, tattoos, brands and scars., appearing in magazines, videos, even the X-Files. Check out these articles about Implants, (including procedural shots) with Quillo/Mr Lifto and ThEnigma and learn about the transformation from Man to Monster.

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1. Mr Lifto getting branded in the '89 film "Swelter in Vogue" (32K)
2. Lifto's new facial implants (10.2K)
3. Lifto's leg scarification by laser (31.6K)
4. Slug inking Lifto Amsterdam(22.6K)
5. Mrs. Enigma, tattoo artist Katzen & her hubby (12.9K)
6. Slug/Enigma getting tattooed in Denise's kitchen, Ottawa '94 (23.5K)
7. Enigma's horns (12.7K)
8. Enigma's horns (13.1K)
9. Horny and Blue, its You-Know-Who! (35.1K)

thanks to Shawn Porter for the Horny Shot, David M. Woodward for the B&W tattoo shot, & Lifto for almost everythang else!

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