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LA Cook-In Pictures by JB and Mimi Hiller
LA Cook-In Pictures by Jamie Utter

Want to be included? No problem! email me your submission! including such pertinent information as:

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Misc. Info (100 words tops about RFC likes and dislikes, personal info, cooking likes and dislikes, specialty dishes etc.).

Don't forget a picture! If you're planning on emailing a picture, please keep it around 50K- I have a very quirky and slow connection. If you have a picture of yourself online (perhaps at one of the Cook-Ins?), just send me the URL, and I'll download it.

If you don't have a photograph of yourself, pick one of the following images (these images © Corel Corporation 1998, used with permission). Just look at the "alt" tag, or read what the text block says when you put your mouse over the image, and that will tell you the name of the appropriate graphic.

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