is a fantastic newsgroup in which people can discuss the joys and pains of cooking, share recipes, help each other and exchange experiences.

If you have a question you need answered, you should consider doing a search through the FAQs and Deja. Messages since 1995 are searchable using their "PowerSearch" option, and it is entirely possible that your query may have been posed before. This doesn't mean you shouldn't ask away, though. Just be advised that you may not get an overwhelming response. In any case, pull up a chair, break out those recipe cards, and WELCOME!

FAQs & LINKS The FAQ and conversion file, links to other relevant FAQs and newsgroups, and helpful links
WHO's WHO?: put faces to names of the participants of now with easy submission guidelines!
COOK-INs: upcoming events, how-to's, and links
AROUND THE WORLD IN 56.6K: recipes from around the world from readers

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