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This page is dedicated to all of my fellow classmates who survived the inception of the bilingual Gifted program at Glebe Collegiate Institute. Divergent thought processes for problem solving were emphasized in my favourite class, "BS". How our lives have diverged since then? Who knows, maybe we could arrange a reunion à la Grosse Pointe Blank for the summer of '99.

Currently I only have a page up for the Giftie class of '89 (because the world does revolve around me afterall!), but if I receive responses from other alumni, I'd be glad to host a hundred-word update and image.

I need your help! I can't find my old yearbooks, and can barely remember the names ov half of my classmates. The latter might be attributed to cooking with aluminum pots and the ravages of estrogen on memory. The former, to multiple moves and the inability to pack in an orderly fashion. Did you attend the 75 year anniversary of Glebe? Tell me about it! If you have a webpage, let us link to it! Send me pictures to post, or the sordid details of your life in the past decade.

I'm only just starting, but would appreciate any input, thanks!

GCI Gifted Program Survivor

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