Glebe Gifted Program 1989 Alumni

1989 "The Year of the Guinea Pig" Alumni: James Baylis, Andrew Beere, Kathy Burrell, Matt Chapman, George Claydon, Trevor Demayo, Paul Dufays, Kara Gibbons, David Gorbet, Andrea Grigotza, Elizabeth Henderson, John Hepworth, Brian Kauk, Stuart Liston, Kevin Meldrum, Laura Piccinin, Andrew Potter, Trevor Pound, Sindhu Ramachandran, Kate Ready, Denise Robinson, Evan Terry, Heidi Tiedeman, Jon Torrance, Caitlyn Ward

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No picture Available James Baylis:
"For the record, I'm not a giftie alumni - rather a drop-out (3 of 4 years). I went to Western for engineering and have found gainful employment with EDS Canada - I'm now based in Ottawa (though currently roughing it in Winnipeg). I live with my girlfriend, Annette, and our dog, Tommy. My main accomplishment is having not yet snapped (no Masters, PhDs or Nobel Prizes)."

Andre Beere Andrew Beere:
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"I'm guessing that right about now, a bunch of you are thinking "Why the hell is he going to Africa". Well, the simple answer is that the timing was right. I've been looking to travel for some time now, but due to commitments had been unable to do so. However, due to some unfortunate circumstances, our parent company (the one that bought up Verisim) ran into financial difficulties. To simplify the story, Verisim is no more. While I was trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life, this opportunity dropped into my lap. Not being the type to let such go by, I jumped at it. I'm mostly settled in and oriented [in Lilongwe, Malawi]. There's still a number of things I need to complete before I'm truly comfortable, but I'm getting there. What can I say, this is one hell of an experience!"

no picture available Kathy Burrell:
"I was married on Jan 1st/98 to my sweetie, Kevin Scully. We are living in Nepean [having finished my last semester of Pharmacy school at U of Toronto] and I am doing my placements at Westboro Pharmacy until March, then I'm off to CHEO for 2 months."

Trevor Demayo Trevor Demayo:
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Newsletter Article (includes photo!) | Combustion Laboratory
"In brief: I finished my B.A.Sc. in Engineering Physics at SFU (BC) in Dec. 1993. Then, I spent 1 year doing a COOP term in Kyoto, Japan at an environmental instrumentation company. Afterwards, I entered grad school at the University of California Irvine (UCI) where I just finished my MS in Mech Eng and am now starting my PhD in Environmental Engineering."

no picture available Paul Dufays:
"1) I majored in Environmental Science at Harvard;
2) then I lived in New York City for a year, which was really cool;
3) then I decided I was sick of science so I went to law school (at Dalhousie);
4) I liked law a lot, so
5) now I'm an articling student at a law firm in Toronto."

Dave Gorbet David Gorbet:
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"News from this side of the world: I'm currently living in San Francisco (anyone wanna come visit?). I'm still working for Microsoft and having a great time with it. I bought a huge motorcycle and have been riding the hell out of it (16,000 miles in 8 months!), and I'm on the verge of buying a house, which is super-exciting. For those of you who remember my brother Matthew, he's also living here and he's getting married this summer! My other brother Rob is married and they're expecting a baby in June! Wow, how things change in a decade!"

Brian Kauk:
I'm an Anglican priest now. I live in Clayton, Ontario, about 45 minutes west of Ottawa. I serve a small, rural three point parish that includes churches in Clayton, Innisville and Franktown. Remember when we were in high school, and used to drive way out Anderson Road so that we could see stars without the lights from the city getting in the way? I have that view from my back yard on a clear night. It's pretty tame out here, and I had to take up golf to keep from working all the time, but I'm getting used to it.

Kevin Meldrum:
email | Ottawa Board of Education
"Well, I am currently living in the Glebe with my girlfriend Tania and believe it or not, I'm teaching Math at Lisgar! (I like the place a lot better now that they hired me) I was an assistant coach with the Girls' Touch Football team but the season is now over (we lost to Glebe 1-0, ouch!). As for major life accomplishments I have a B.Sc.E (Engineering), a B.A. (Math) and a B.Ed., all from Queen's. Since I have found that I actually like teaching and would like to do it for a while, I recommend that everybody NOT vote for Mike Harris next election. (Sorry for the political bit, but that guy and his cronies are killing me)."

Trevor Pound:
"After graduation I attended Williams College in Massachussets. A fine Liberal Arts college with a student body of about 2000. I graduated from Williams with a B.A. in Physics in June of 1993.
After graduation, I went to McGill for a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering. I studied Robotics and Control Systems in the McGill Centre for Intelligent Machines. There I helped start the McGill Varsity Ultimate Team. I graduated with my M. Eng. in October of 1996.
I am currently working in telecommunications with Mitel Corporation in Kanata, Ontario. I started work here in September of 1996. I am in the Research and Development group, doing software design."

Denise 'Spike' Robinson Denise Robinson:
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"I discovered that single-parenthood, working nights and post-secondary education don't mix. For seven years I was one of Canada's acclaimed piercers (I just finished helping write the guidelines for Health Canada for infection control for piercing, tattooing, and electrolysis), but I had to take a break. I now live on a 200 acre farm just outside of Vankleek Hill, Ontario with my husband and two beautiful daughters Geneviève Danielle (seven years old, and already being told she should be tested for giftedness [shudder]) and Chrystine Jessica Alexandra (four years old already!). I garden a lot, take care of my body (I was diagnosed with diabetes in 1998), and my corporation now concentrates on web design.

Evan Terry Evan Terry:
"After graduation I attended McGill and received my BA in Economics (next to useless) and a minor in Computer Science (whew, that was lucky). Worked for EDS Canada until 1995 when I was transferred to Detroit rock city (it's REALLY not as bad as you might think). Have changed jobs since, and now enjoy life as an contract programmer/software designer. I currently call Southfield, MI home. I have been assimilated as a Red Wing fan (resistance is futile) and am heavily involved with my fraternity, Psi Upsilon."

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