Wound Penalties
As most players of CyberPunk 2020 are not familiar with the original 2013 edition, I feel that these rules should be made available as they, to me, present nastier ends to many a squalid stabbing or gutshot.

The rules as presented here are a collaboration, if you will, of first and second edition wound penalties. Some may find that these penalties combined are too mean to the injured, but to me they also give people reason to armor their torso more than arms or legs (as heavy torso wounds are debilitating long before limb injuries are), as well as giving the whole game a more visceral feel.

Cumulative Damage

This form of damage is familiar to CyberPunk 2020 players, as it is the damage as indicated on the damage track on the character sheet, which tells you what your stun save and death save penalties are at,a s well as indicating what stat penalties you receive for having taken this much damage.
In review, these damage levels are: (new additions are in bold)

1-4 damageLightly Wounded"It's only a flesh wound!"
5-8 damageSeriously Wounded-2 REF, -2 MA
9-12 damageCritically Wounded1/2 REF, INT, CL, MA
13+ damageMortally Wounded1/3 REF, INT, CL, MA

Locational Damage

This was the way damage was handled back in 2013 Friday Night Firefight. I've adapted the rules to work with 2020 here. Each wound to a single location which does greater than 4 damage is a Serious Wound. Any wound doing greater than 8 damage to a single location is a Critical Wound, and renders that body part unuseable. If a single wound does greater than 12 damage then the wound is a Mortal Wound. Also, these wound levels are cumulative in their way. Two Serious wounds to one location is considered a Critical Wound, and so on.

Serious WoundLimb1 in 3: broken arm or leg - limb is useless
Torso1 in 3: broken rib - ½ MA
HeadD6: 1-2 - Skull Fracture - ½ INT, REF, COOL.
3 - Loss of an eye.
Critical WoundLimb1 in 3: Limb is irrepareable and must be amputated.
TorsoD6: 1-2 - Punctured Lung, victim is immobilized
3-4 - Major abdominal damage, INT, REF, COOL, MA reduced to 1
5-6 - Lower abdominal damage and groin, victim cannot move, attack or defend
HeadD6: 1 - Skull crushed or shattered - permanent loss of D3 INT & REF
2 - Amnesia - Difficult INT roll to remember things from before the wound
3 - Fully blinded (50% is permanent)
Mortal WoundAny LocationRendered Useless, see Critical for additional effects