The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

CyberPunk 2021

Giovanni's Watch Shop

Giovanni's Watch Shop has been serving it's Night City clientelle from the same location on Baird Street since early 2002. Originally in an upper-class neighbourhood, the area has since fallen into disrepair, but has luckily never fallen inside the nebulous borders of the Combat Zone.

Originally a dealer in Rolexes and other expensive personal timepieces, the change in local economy has forced Mr Giovanni to diversify his inventory. When he started selling a watch containing a one-shot dart gun with sleep toxin, the edgerunners sat up and took note. Now he sells a selection of "EdgeTech Timers" and "SurvivaWatch 2020" watch lines, in various styles.

Magnetic Scan Detector
The watch face on this watch lights up of it's own accord when exposed to a magnetic scan. This includes cyberware and weapons scans, Arasaka scangates, etc. A useful tool when you want to know exactly what they know about you. This is an option that can be added to any other watch from Giovanni's.
+ 75 eb

This watch's setting knob is actually a cap over a small dartgun barrel. When the cap is removed, the watch can be fired by the owner flexing his wrist down out of the line of fire and triggering the firing mechanism with his other hand. Giovanni normally sells these watches with one of the following toxins on the needle:
NapTime 20-20: When a character is drugged with NT 20-20, his vision fogs up and he usually passes out. It deals 5d6 damage to the target in d3-1 turns. Half this damage is "stun" damage. If the target fails the stun save vs this damage, his is Knocked Out for D6x10 minutes. Regardless the target is at -1 awareness for every 6 damage dealt by the toxin as his vision blurs. This lasts D6+1x10 minutes (or ten minutes longer than the duration of the knock out if the victim is knocked out).
Black-Eyed Dick: So called because the poison causes the victim to go pale and look as if he or she had just been given a pair of blackened eyes. It deals 4d6 damage to the target d3-1 turns after injection.
The dartgun itself has the following stats:
EXO -1 P P D6-1 (1/2 SP) 1 1 UR
300 eb, +40 eb per needle of NapTime 2020 or Black-Eyed Dick

MonoWire Spool
The setting knob on this watch can be removed, and trails a line of monofilament wire attached to a tension spool inside the watch body. It can contain up to 6m of monowire on the ceramic spool. Just be careful not to cut your own fool hand off when playing with this stuff!
300 eb, +60 eb per meter of monowire

"Watch Your Step" Caltrop Watch
When activated, this watch extends a spike up through the face of the watch as well as three spikes from the sides aimed downwards, producing a 2-inch tall caltrop. Should someone be so unwary as to step on this nasty toy, they will take D6 damage to their foot (1/2 SP for soft armour). While this watch manages to sell, it's mostly as a gimmick, since a single caltrop is incredibly unlikely to deter persuit or even manage to be stepped on even in the dark.
200 eb

"Watch What You Say" White Noise Generator
When activated, this watch produces a White Noise field, making it nearly impossible (DIF:30) for people to listen in on conversations taking place within the field. The area affected is fairly small (only 2m rad) so it is usually removed from the owner's wrist and placed in the middle of a table or wherever the conversation is taking place. The batteries are good for 1 hour of white noise.
400 eb

"Watch What You Say" Bug Detector
This watch will detect any active tranmitting bugs in a 4m radius with 80% reliability.
450 eb

"Watch What You Say" Window Trembler
This is an option that can be added to any other watch. A battery-powered micro-vibrator in the watch band will render any one window immune to laser microphone eavesdropping when the watch is secured agains the window using the "sticky strip" on the inside of the band.
+ 200 eb

"FuzzWatch" Radar Detector
The watch face of this watch will light up and the watch begins to vibrate whenever exposed to radar. It's non-discriminating and cannot be used to triangulate the source of the radar emissions.
350 eb

"Watch Em Run" Signal Tracker
The face of this watch includes an LED that will point the relative direction to a pre-set "tracer button". The tracer buttons transmit to a 1 mile range.
1,200 eb + 70 eb per 1" round tracer button, 150 eb per 1/2" round button

This standard multi-function watch also doubles as a numberic pager.
150 eb

Based on the DetCard, the C-6 DetWatch contains about the same explosive charge, and of course is a functional timepiece in addition. DetWatches are of hermetically sealed monoplastic construction and therefore leave no chemical trace for chemical sniffers to detect the explosives.
When the timer function is set, that is the amount of time before the C-6 explosive contained in the watch detonates. It is a shaped charge, aimed downwards through the watch backing, dealing 3D6 damage (as per the detcard)
350 eb

This watch and watch band are made of memory plastics. When removed and triggered, the whole unit quickly hardens into a memory plastic stiletto knife.
MEL +0 P P D6 - - ST
350 eb

"Watch This!" Remote Optic
This remote system is designed to interface with any cyberoptic with Times Square Plus. The watch face contains a video device that transmits to the cyberoptic, up to 30m away.
600 eb

When triggered, a small saw-blade extends a quarter inch beyond the edge of the watch face, spinning quickly and silently. An excellent device for slipping out of Strip-Ties and rope bonds, but not suited to cutting though handcuffs.
450 eb

Digital Camera
This "SpyTech" watch contains a micro digital camera with storage for 12 pictures. The focus is limited to items within 3m of the camera face, so it is best suited to espionage work.
400 eb

Digital Recorder
This "SpyTech" watch contains micro recording gear and a high-quality microphone. It is good for storing up to 20 minutes of audio at high-fidelity, 60 minutes at low-fidelity.
300 eb

Wrist Commo Suite
A simple pocket commo (see CP2020) in wrist-watch form. Has a 1 mile range in city, 5 miles outdoors.
150 eb, + 25 eb for timepiece function

Micro CellWatch
Cellular phone in wrist-unit format. Costs twice the cost of a Micro CellPhone.

Taxi Watch
A typical digital timepiece with a micro-sized "Cab Hailer" (see Chrome Book 1) built in and available by pushing on two buttons at once. Calls a cab in D6 minutes. There is the standard 10 eb a month service fee plus the usual cab fares and tips.
350 eb

Watch Your Fate Personal I-Ching
When triggered, this digital timepiece will run a personal I Ching fortune telling for you, accompanied by tinny "soothing" music and a philosophical quotation.
250 eb

MILITECH SecureCover and SecureStraps
This is basically armour for your treasured treasurer datawatch. Consists of an SP:6 replacement watch band and SP:8 ceramic/epoxide cover unit for the watch itself. Can be ordered for almost any major brand of watch.
200 eb

IEC Trauma Watch
This timepiece contains a resevoir for a single dose of one drug, administered when the watch face is rotated 90 degrees. Normally used with a stabilizer or antidote, it was originally designed to contain insulin for diabetics.
250 eb

This isn't your daddy's IngiGlo! When set, this watch emits a beam of light that will illuminate up to 25 feet away! The batteries are only good for 20 minutes however.
150 eb

Gang Jazzler
Identical to the Gang Jazzler cybernetic implant (Chrome Book 1), but only holds enough juice for a single use. But talk about a surprise!
750 eb

"Watch Your Rads!" Geiger Counter
Nice, compact, wrist-unit geiger counter. Of course, if the watch can register it, you are exposed already. But it is nice for finding small, missing, radioactive sources on the floor.
350 eb

Interface Watch
Ever found yourself without Interface cables? Makes it pretty hard to jack into the net, eh chummer? This watch contains a self-rewinding spool with a full set of interface cables leading to and from the spool. Now you always know where they are when you put them away.
225 eb + 100 eb for low-impedance

Laser Designator
A small laser pointer is installed in this watch with a 40m range. Now you can sneak your designator into a gig and irritate the lead singer too! (Can also be used to guide certain laser-tracking weapons of course)
300 eb

Sniffer Watch
This watch constantly monitors the air for certain trace elements. It can be pre-set for up to six chemicals that will trigger an alarm, making the face light up and the watch begin to buzz.
450 eb

Orbital Watch
This watch monitors your rad intake in millirems as well as monitoring tha tthe oxygen levels remain safe and tha tpressure levels remain within 20% of normal cabin pressure. Any deviation of oxygen, rads or pressure beyond safe limits will trigger an alarm as above.
600 eb

Personal Gas Warfare Defense
Based on the sniffer system above, with the IEC Trauma Watch built in with an autoinjector. Whenever the sniffer detects Biotoxins, it immediately sounds an alarm and injects the owner with the anti-toxin.
750 eb

The Stop Watch
A one-shot taser with a rubber backing! The Stop Watch will fire once after being triggered when pressed against any surface with enough force to push the faceplate back (5 pounds). Targets must make a stun save at -1 or be knocked unconscious for D6x5 rounds.
400 eb