The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

Beta-Edition Software

A majority of major net software (#of MU's x 7% chance) has Beta-Test editions floating around of either the next upgrade or of the previous edition. These softs range from free to cheap to purchase, and are commonly available at CrystalJock BBSs for download. Beta-Test softs will cost (2d6x10%) less than the normal soft, but will have 3 glitches rolled on the Glitch Table, each at -10%, and treating results under 6% as "No Glitch".
Hey Choomba, you get what you pay for, and Your Mileage May Vary.

ShareWare Software

And of course, if you can't get the Beta-release there's always the chance that a shareware edition of the soft exists. Multiply the number fo MU's of the soft by 15% for the chance that the software does not have a shareware edition out. Shareware editions are available for either half-cost or free.
Half-cost editions roll twice on the following table. These softs are generally not entirely crippled, but are still not up to the standard of quality provided by the company's normal software.
Free editions roll five times on the shareware table. These softs are usually fairly close to crippled before being released to the public.

1-2 -2 Speed - Nag Screens bug you whenever you try to use this soft.
3-4 +1 MU - The code has not yet been cleaned up and contains all the REM lines and some useless graphical content that was supposed to be cut from the final edition.
5 10 uses - The software will stop working and delete itself after 10 uses.
6 1 use - The software will only work once each netrun.
7-8 -2 Strength - The soft does not operate at the full strength as the commercial version.
9 Modified Icon - The icon of this soft contains VERY large advertising for the software company, often describing the extra features available on the full edition. Alerts all programs and runners within 10 squares of your presence when used.
10 Trace - The soft sends trace signals to the company that made it to convince you to register. This reduces the trace value of all LDLs by 1.