The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

Vehicles and Transportation

Toyo-Chevrolet Personal Rapid Transit Aerodyne - Illustrated!
A big name for a small conveyance. A "cute" micro-aerodyne usually seen as an intra-city air taxi. (image and stats by Eggo Von Eggo)

Besson B-90 Aerocab - Illustrated!
Bessonís high-tech alternative to the standard taxi-cab combines some of the best features from both the Trauma Team AV-4 Tac Vehicle and a standard AV-7 Personal Aerodyne. (image and stats by Mark Plemmons)

Ground Effects Vehicles
Benson Rampage 2008 - Illustrated!
An ultra-high-speed racing hover from the turn of the millenium, still unsurpassed for absolute groundspeed.

GMI "Gram" AirCushion Tank - Illustrated!
A direct competitor with the Militech Destructor / M-75 Light Battle Tank, with a twist - it's an Air Cushion (hover) vehicle.

Conventional Automobiles
Ariante Pilgrim - Illustrated!
A hot convertible from the City-State of Verona Beach.

Noble Executioner - Illustrated!
A heavier sportscar with light bullet-proofing, styling and "dangerous".

Lada Luxury 6 - Illustrated!
A Low-End limousine, used by many limo services.

Honda Lettra - Illustrated!
An affordable "perky" 6-person intra-city car.

Trucks & Haulers
Houston Hauler - Illustrated!
A cheaper alternative (with the same hauling capacity) to the PeterBuilt 2000.

Tanks & Armoured Fighting Vehicles
A self-propelled gun and Tank Killer designed to counter the American M-11 and XM-20 main battle tanks.

M-11A1 Stonewall
A revision of the American M-11 Main Battle Tank, designed to be a more versatile fighting machine.

M-1E1 SuperAbrams
National Guard upgrades of the M1A1 and M1A2 series Main Battle Tanks.

General Dynamics M-66 Jungle Warfare tank
M1A1 Rebuild for Jungle Fighting during the Central American Wars.

EEC/Panhard Mk-12 Infantry Support Vehicle
Light infantry support vehicle.

Republic of Texas M-86 Multiple Mortar carrier
A texan innovation in mobile artillery.