The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

CyberPunk 2021

M-11A1 Stonewall

Vehicle design and text by Nodegamra, HTML and editing by Hound
A new "re-gunned" version of the verenable M-11 MBT. The main difference in this tank is the replacement of the 2cm rail gun with a 76mm "rail launcher". Since it's introduction tests and small engagmements have shown the M-11 to be at a disadvantage in city fighting: the rail gun is pretty useless for anything other than cracking open armor. One solution has been to begin pairing M-11s and M-75s, but this is expensive and not a real solution. So the Army experimented with new gun types, including 120mm ETE, adjustable coil rail guns, and rail launchers. The 76mm rail launcher was the final choice, giving a good comprimise between the compactness and reduced space for ammo of a rail gun, and the multi-purpose flexibility of a larger gun. It fires shells that are similar in size and weight to 75mm rounds, just without the propellant. The rounds are fired like a standard rail gun projectile, except lower velocity rounds (HE, Beehive, WP, etc.) are fired at a much lower velocity. The standard anti armor round is a depleted uranium 20mm penetrator in a 76mm discarding sabot. The penetrator is a bit heavier than a standard 2 cm rail gun projectile, but it's velocity is a bit lower, resulting in equal penetration. The Hellfire racks have also been modified to be modular and can carry 6 spaces of anti-tank missiles, SAMs, rockets, or even drones.
TOP SPEED 60 mph ACC/DEC 10/50 mph
CREW 3 RANGE 300 miles
MASS 60 Tons COST 16.5 million eb
Special Equipment: Composite armor, amphibious modifications, damage control, environment control, 12 hours life support, anti-laser areosol, chaff and flare launchers (x2), 6 IR smoke projectors, AEAMS, military radio with scrambler, laser communicator, satellite uplink, multi-target, microwave and visual rangefinders, auto-pilot (basic) and navigation system (GPS), cyberlinkage, ECM, ECCM, image enhancement, laser detector, microwave detector, military radar, military radar detector, teleoptics, thermograph, BattleTac IVIS (Treat as ACPA C3I computer), and 2 meter long fold down, telescoping sensor extentions on top of hull.

Weapons: Stabilized 76mm Rail launcher (see descripiton above) with a +5 targeting computer and 5 magazines (100 rounds), 7.62mm coaxially mounted machine gun with +2 targeting computer 2,000 rounds, and a laser designator in main turrent, AGAMS and 30mm cannon in small turrets atop main turrent (the 30mm is on a mount that allows manual firing by the commander from either inside the tank or while standing in the hatch.) Missile pod with room for 6 spaces of missiles, rockets, or even drones.

M-215 76mm "Rail Launcher"
HVY . +1 . N . R . VAR . 20 . 1 . ST . 1,500 meters . 1.5 million eb . 10 spaces

Ammo (ammo costs 300 eb per round, 20 rounds take up 1 space)
APFSDS: 17D10 AP, burst 0, +1 WA (due to higher velocity)
HE: 9D10, burst 5
HEAT: 9D10AP, Burst 2m, shaped charged
Flechette: 4d6 AP, Range 200 meters, Spread: 1m close, 2m medium, 4m long. 1d6 hits if caught in spread.
Chemical: Burst 15m, smoke x1/3 cost, IR smoke x1 cost, tear gas x2, knockout gas x3, biotoxin x5, nerve gas x20, Acid vapor (airburst, 3d6 damage to anything caught in cloud for 3 turns) x20
WP: x4 cost, 3d6 for one half hour (600 combat turns), only metal gear and above armor is proof against. Generates clouds of IR blocking smoke.
Incendiary: Burst 10m, 2d10 per 20 rounds to anything within burst radius.