The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

CyberPunk 2021


Vehicle design and text by Nodegamra, HTML and editing by Hound
When the American M-11 came it it shocked many people. While expensive it was probably the best main battle tank in the world. The testing of the XM-20 caused an even greater stir especially in Europe. Many EEC leaders wanted a tank that they could use and sell to their allies that could counter the M-11 and M-20. However all the proposed models would cost between 18 and 25 million eb apiece, not exactly the kind of money EEC was willing to spend, so the designers decided to go with a self propelled anti-tank gun design instead. A few different models were proposed, and two different prototypes one using a 3cm rail gun and the other using a 4cm rail gun. The vehicles were too complicated and too expensive. So in the end it was decided that an electrothermically enhanced 140mm gun would be used. This was cheaper and in many ways better because now the SPATG could double as a howitzer. It has a 4 man crew (Commander, Gunner, Driver, and Assistant Gunner [who monitors the Phalanx, targets and guides the missiles and controls the drones]) Drones are nomally Bumblebee or RPV-400s, and are used for recon, forward observation, target designation and attacks against targets of opportunity. Production began in late 2020.
TOP SPEED 30 mph ACC/DEC 10/50 mph
CREW 4 RANGE 300 miles
MASS 87 Tons COST 8 million eb
Special Equipment: Environment control, fire extinguisher, anti-laser areosol, Chaffx2, Flares x2, IR smoke screen, 4x smoke launchers (2 IR, 2 regular), laser communications, military radio with scrambler and satellite commo, remote targeting, autopilot, Image enhance, active IR sensors, Laser detector, Magnetometer, Light amplification, microwave detector, navigation system, military radar with radar ID, military radar detector, thermograph, Teleoptics, chassis/gun elevation**, drone rack x2.

Weapons: 140mm ETE gun in forward articulated mount** with +5 targeting computer, autoloader, microwave range finder, and 80 spaces for ammunition. 2 High angle turrents with 20mm Phalanx***, 4 magazines and 4 VSAMs. One 15mm BRG-15 machine gun in a ring mount at the commander's cupola with 4 ready magazines. 12 Vertical launch IEC Viper ATGMS (treat as Hellfires)****

140mm ETE . +0 (+7 with computer and rangefinder) . 24d10AP (140mm APDS) . 1 . 1 . 2,250m (22,000 when used as indirect fire, but can not use APDS shells)

* - The armor is very well sloped and the vehicle has a very low profile when firing in direct fire mode. If firing at the vehicle head on, when the gun is horizontal, the attacker has a -4 to hit from the small target profile and the SP is 300 from the extreme slope. Attacks on the top from the front aspect treat the armor as normal (SP 200) instead of halving it.

** - The entire tank is designed to raise and lower the front end -10 degrees and +15 degrees and the gun can elevate an additional 30 degrees, similar to the 20th Century Swedish S-Tank. (firing the gun past 20 degrees elevation requires the deployment of a recoil spade at the rear of the vehicle, though.) If the chassis is locked, the gun can be elevated up out of the hull up to 70 degrees for long range indirect fire. This takes approximately 10minutes. To adjust the gun horizontally the vehicle has to pivot steer left or right, although the gun can swing 10 degrees left and right of center for small corrections. The vehicle takes 1 combat turn per each 10 degrees it has to turn. (don't let any tanks get on your flank).

*** - These are nothing more than a compacted version of the old 20mm Phalanx guns found on ships. The guns mount are high angle and are mounted on the left and right sides, roughly centered between the front and the back. 4 IEC Advanced Short Range Surface to Air Missiles (ASRSAM, treat as a VSAM but only space per missile and 2,500 meter range) are mounted with the turrents to provide addition air defense. The 20mm guns can track and shoot down air craft and missiles. They can detect and fire on LATGM and larger sized projectiles out to 500 meters. Smaller projectiles are targeted at 250 meters. Inside 100 meters the gun automatically switches to special beehive type rounds, that turn the guns into something like gatling shotgun (Pattern: 1m close, 2m medium, 4m long. Anything in the pattern takes 1D6+3 hits per shell fired, armor piercing flechettes do 1D6+1 AP). This increases the chance of hit on smaller projectiles and increases the number of missiles that can be targeted at one. Use standard AGAMS rules for ranges between 100-500 meters, inside 100 meters, the guns can shoot down up to 3 missiles before suffering any penalties for additional missiles, and missiles are safely destroyed on a 3 or above. A 1 or 2 means the missle detonates within the blast radius of the target doing half damage. 0 or less means the missile is not shot down and impacts. The guns can also be used against ground targets.

**** - Viper missiles are cold launched missiles that are given target coordinates and then fired vertically. When safely above the launch vehicle the motor kicks on and the missile turns toward the target. The advantage of this is the missile can be fired at any target with in range of the vehicle without having to aim a turrent mounted missile rack. The missiles are pretty much identical to Hellfires except their range is 3,500 meters, they can be guided with semi-active laser paint, televisually, or with their own active thermal/optical sensors. Missiles cost 50,000 eb.

PRODUCTION NOTES: The MK-7B version which mounts a turret for most of the weapon systems is under development. Cost will be estimated at 14 million eb. and the vehicle will get none of the low profile bonuses the earlier version did, but it will be able to aim and shoot in direct fire in one turn.