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CyberPunk 2021

General Dynamics M-66 Jungle Warfare tank

Vehicle design and text by Nodegamra, HTML and editing by Hound
Designed during the First South Am war, the M-66 was designed to provide better close in support in jungle, urban, and mountainous terrain. It is simply nothing more than an M-1 Abrams tank with beefed up armor on the back sides, top and belly, and a 30mm Gatling gun in place of the main gun. The 30mm was normally loaded with a mix of HE (5d10, 5 meter burst), APF (6D6 AP, 200 meter range, spread 1m close, 2m medium, and 4 meters long). The gun could be fired on single shot, 2, 5, and 10 round bursts or full auto (50 rpm). Because of it's low speed and lack of a large bore gun it never saw wide spread usage, although prototype models did very well in the 2nd South Am. War, where it was nicknamed "Lumberjack" due to it's ability to mow down a swath of jungle several hundred meters in all directions.
TOP SPEED 30 mph ACC/DEC 10/50 mph
CREW 3 RANGE 300 miles
MASS 60 Tons COST 5.5 million eb
Special Equipment: Composite armor, reactive armor, damage control, enviornment control, 18 hours life support, amphibious, 4x smoke launchers, smoke screen, BRP flechette pack 4 on each side and back of hull, BIM minelet packs 6 each on left, right, front and back of turrent, military radio with scrambler, laser rangefinder, autopilot, radar, active IR, light amplification, navigation system, 3 armor searchlights, halogen headlights, thermograph. Armor is beefed up on back, top, and belly (75% of full SP instead of half) and on the sides (80% SP instead of 75%)

Weapons: Turret with stabilized 30mm Gatling with a +3 computer and 5 magazines (6,000 rounds), 7.62mm gatling with +2 computer and 5 magazines (5000 rounds), and 5 spaces for rockets (usually 2.75 inch IFARs). High angle ring mount at commander's possition for 1 space weapon and 5 spaces of ammo.