The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

CyberPunk 2021

Besson B-90 AeroCab

The Besson B-90
Tired of being stuck in traffic? Not anymore! Bessonís high-tech alternative to the standard taxi-cab combines some of the best features from both the Trauma Team AV-4 Tac Vehicle and a standard AV-7 Personal Aerodyne. The B90 has recently become the favorite transport of many corporates, who use it for special deliveries and a quick transport to meetings. With such a high level of quality on their first new vehicle, we canít wait to see whatís next on Bessonís product line.
The B90ís main features are: an onboard computer w/automatic pilot, crash control, cyber-assisted, medium armor, high-speed accelerations and fast braking.
TOP SPEED 300 mph ACC/DEC 60/60 mph
CREW 1 RANGE 400 miles
PASSENGERS 3 CARGO 1 spc / 750kg
SP 20 TYPE Aerodyne
MASS 3000 kg COST 500,000eb
Special Equipment: Crash Control x 4, CellPhone, Cybernetic Linkage (reduce price by 15% if not taken), Onboard computer (5 options), Automatic Pilot, EMP Shielding, Fare Tracker, License Point Monitor, Voice Capability, SmartLock Door System (cardlock),