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CyberPunk 2021

Honda Lettra

Honda Lettra
Proving to the world that they can do more than the ubiquitous MetroCar, the Lettra is a "perky" (accel 22.5, +1 handling) 4-door electric hatch-back sedan, that still boasts light armor and lots of room (6 seats total, plus a very small (1/2 space) trunk). For smaller families and those needing cargo space, the back two seats can be folded forwards to increase the trunkspace to two full spaces (a half-space is lost to the folded seats).
TOP SPEED 60 mph ACC/DEC 22.5/40 mph
CREW 1 RANGE 100 miles
PASSENGERS 5 CARGO 1/2spc / 500kg
SP 12 TYPE Car
MASS 1600 kg COST 24,000eb
Special Equipment: Crash Control x 2, AutoPilot, Simple Security, High Power Halogen Headlights, 80km Radio.