The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

CyberPunk 2021

Houston Hauler

Houston Hauler
A long-range hauler, not known for high speed, but cheap and reliable. Able to haul loads as big as the PeterBuilt 2000, the Houston costs over 30% less. Designed for a two-person team, the Houston can stay on the road for 3 8-hour shifts before stopping to refuel (minus bathroom breaks of course). The cab is moderately armoured (at least enough to prevent damage from handguns and subguns), which often keeps it from the long-distance runs through "rough" areas, and restricts it to intra-city hauling or hauling along safe corridors.
TOP SPEED 60 mph ACC/DEC 15/40 mph
PASSENGERS 1 CARGO 0 spc / 36,000kg
SP 18 TYPE Truck
MASS 4 Tons COST 70,000eb
Special Equipment: Fold-Down Bed, Environmental Control, Auto-Pilot, Entertainment System, Shocker Security System, High-Power Headlights. Crash Control x 2.