The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

CyberPunk 2021

2008 Benson Rampage

Benson Rampage
Originally introduced as an ultra-high speed racer in 2008, Benson motorworks also allowed it into the civilian market, and some paramilitary organiations picked them up as border patrol vehicles. Actually the ungainly combination of the engine and fan assembly off a soviet KvP-92 meshed to a vehicle barely a third the KvP's weight, this hover achieves speeds unmatched by other ground vehicles, if only it were matched by equal handling characteristics...
As a standard option from it's days as a racing vehicle, Rampages can be bought with full redundancy Damage Control systems and Cybernetic Uplink for an additional $280,000 (reducing cargo to 0 spaces).
TOP SPEED 285 mph ACC/DEC 20/15 mph
PASSENGERS 1 CARGO 1 spc / 1.3 ton
SP 4 TYPE Hover
MASS 4 tons COST 260,000eb
Special Equipment: Crash Control x2, Cell Phone, Navigation System, Shocker Security System.

Vehicle design and illustration ©1998 Jason Parent / Hound