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Fichier 2: Technomancy Designs

Technomancy Designs

High Tech "Security" Devices

Headquarters: Toronto, Canada

Regional Offices: Montreal, Boston

Name and Location of Major Shareholders: Privately owned


World Wide: 450
Troops: 20
Covert: 5

Technomancy Designs has always been the brainchild of Rudolph Kincaid, a driven Cybertronic Engineer, one of the first class of CyberTech Engineers graduated from Montreal's prestigious McGill University in 2010, just prior to Quebec's succession from Canada.

Kincaid took a refinement of his Master's project (a rougher version of the RDAK - see Chrome Book 2) to several groups of venture capitalists in the western US. When not a single one would provide him with the startup capital he required to begin production, he took his plans back to Canada to fly it past venture capitalists in Toronto while he finished his doctorate through E.B.M.'s private college in Kinston, Ontario.

In 2014 Arasaka released the first version of the RDAK, based almost entirely on the work Kincaid had presented to the venture capitalists in California. When challenged in court, Arasaka produced (fake) research documents dating back to 2008 on the RDAK project.

In the midst of the lawsuit (which eventually failed), Kincaid suddenly found financial backing for his company (to become T.D.). The backers had one overriding goal - to make Technomancy Designs compete in all markets possible with Arasaka's R & D Tech Division - first against the RDAK, but also later in the product fields of security tech and electronics and firearms. They not only porvided Kincaid with capital for location, production and infrastructure, but soon hooked T.D. up with several techies and gunsmiths who had opted out of employment with Arasaka and who had high hopes in T.D.'s attempts to undermine Arasaka's markets.

By 2019 T.D. had their competing Cyborganic Remote Assassination unit, several firearms and local and remote security systems in production and on the market, and the venture capitalists finally began to see a return on their investment... Significantly more of one than anyone realizes actually...

Everything except Kincaid's legwork has been one of Kei Arasaka's forays into alternative management practices. Instead of risking corporate extraction of disatisfied R&D employees, Kei set up the Venture Capitalists who backed T.D. to take these techs off his hands while they continued effectively working for Arasaka. The venture capitalists who backed T.D. did so with Arasaka funds and are now passing back their returns to the same source.

Technomancy Design Sales and Offices

T.D. only maintains one sales office open to the public, in Boston. All other sales are handled through corporate showrooms in their administrative buildings and at trade shows where they are sold to resellers. Technomancy Designs is really an R & D and production company, with no honest sales experience.

T.D. offices and manufacturing facilities are fairly secure, but entirely through electronic monitoring and not in-house security troops. Where needed, security is rented from local organisations in exchange for electronic systems, and a very small security force is kept in-house to watch for espionage and theft.

Technomancy Design Equipment and Resources

T.D. has a grand total of one V22 Osprey and one AV-4. Neither is equipped for combat.

Technomancy Products
(each major product heading is a link to a seperate web-page detailing the product)

MonoSpider Remote Assassination Unit
Technomancy Design's showpiece, the design of Kincaid himself. An excellent remote assassination unit rivaling the Arasaka RDAK in sales (and the only TD product that is showing any real market strength compared to it's Arasaka competition)

Eagle IV SubGun
A 10mm+P design derived from the Arasaka WMA "Minami-10" with several improvements and a chunkier styling.

Delta10 Security Shotgun
A 10 gauge security shotgun designed to fire a variety of less-than-lethal munitions.