The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

Public Access DataTerm

Shuriken and Throwing Stars.
A selection of Shuriken and Throwing Stars based on the rules and descriptions from Pacific Rim, but now including a full dozen different types of shuriken that you can mix and match!

Giovanni's Watch Shop.
Is the Treasurer Datawatch the only piece of wrist-wear in your campaign? Here are 31 new cool watches for your players to slap on their wrists.

Fun with MonoWire!.
5 new Monowire-based toys for you. Rappelling gear, body armour, and the lovely monowire cutter.

EMP Toys.
Rules from Richard Harris for two new EMP Weapons and for EMP shielding.

EMP Grenades.
More EMP for your buck! 3 new styles of EMP grenades (each with several options). Not as potent as the EMP grenade from the Chrome Book, but tons of fun around your local cyberpsycho!

Industrial Supply 2020.
5 pieces of gear and cyberware found on the 2020 industrial worksite, designed by Dextra.

Nanotech for the discerning 'Punk.
Three interesting pieces of nanotech, including a nano-drug.

A small selection (49 pieces) of cyberware and cybernetic options. All guaranteed to be made of implant-quality materials!

Spinal Integral SkilPaks.
A combination of ChipJack and pre-assembled Skillchips, the SkilPak is an excellent way to provide instant training to any operative.

Kumite Martial Arts APTR Chips.
Name-brand martial arts chips, recorded from some of the world's greatest martial artists who competed at the 2020 Kowloon Grand Kumite.

Autonomous Units.
Devices designed to act on their own to perform jobs assigned to them. The most famous autonomous units are the RoboHounds and the various housekeeping bots used in conapts world-wide. There are also Autonomous Assassination Units such as the Arasaka RDAK.

SAMAS - Strategic Air-Mobile Armoured Suit.
Arasaka's security flight suit, the SAMAS is the premiere flying ACPA unit.

Armoured Clothing.
A house revision to the ChromeBook 4 Armour system increasing the prices to be comparable to that of other body armours in the game and supplements.

Memory Plastics.
Nine great new Memory Plastic toys, from the Slamdance Inc. SpawnBlade to sporting goods and body armour.

Firearms Accessories.
42 toys to strap onto or under your gun! Includes all the gun toys from various official publications and a bunch from our own twisted minds!

Smart Gun Locks.
"Smart" systems to prevent others from using your gun, especially against you!

Small Arms Munitions.
46 Excellent Ammos for your gun. From home-made hollow-points to MilSpec DPU, it's all here and ready to be used against interloping boosters.

Shotgun Munitions.
18 ammo types for shotguns designed using the old CP2013 shotgun damage system (along with the 2013 shotgun hit location table).

A selection of 26 hand-held explosive devices, including all the "official" grenades from CP2020, but each one has been given with detailed rules for effects and black market pricing.

Melee Weapons.
A heaping helping of Melee Weapons in table format. Includes all relevent combat specs. Many are new and never before published toys of personal combat.

36 toys converted from the ShadowRun (1st edition) RPG. Includes Cyberware, Guns and Armour.

16 strange toys for your local Bozos, including the Chicken Gun and the Magnetic Frog Cannon!

Tech from Literature.
Tech toys converted from various CyberPunk and Sci-Fi novels for your consumption.

Need more toys? Don't forget to check out the Guns,
Cyberware and Vehicles sections!