The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

Our GM bought
Tank Girl
and all we got were these
lousy conversions.

So I was so evil as to purchase the Tank Girl RPG (for the MasterBook System, by West End Games) and although it was poorly thought out at times, the majority of the material was well written and I enjoyed it very much. Several of the rules and much of the equipment (with the obvious exceptions of toys such as the High-Powered Fully Automatic Skin Reversing Rifle and the Belch Gun) managed to get converted to the CyberPunk system. Some of it has become core to our games, much of the rest has fallen into my files of the Strange and Bizarre.

Body Armor
A selection of body armors, including the famous Ripper Battlesuit.
Guns and other fun toys from the Tank Girl universe
Useless Skills
A great new merit for CPunk characters, and an assortment of Useless Skills.
The Luck Deck
The Luck Deck, a selection of cards used to supplement the Luck stat in CP2020.
Tank Girl