The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

Submission Guidelines

So you earn to have your CyberPunk masterpieces immortalized in the halls of the Blackhammer CyberPunk Project? Although a majority of the material on the site is the work of one man, the BlackHammer CyberPunk Project eagerly accepts submissions appropriate to the content of the site. What this means is articles, equipment and illustrations for the CyberPunk, CyberPunk 2020 or CyberPunk 3 RPGs in the case of rules-oriented pieces, and for the CyberPunk genre in general for articles on roleplaying, setting and background.

Submissions are accepted in almost any format as I generally have to reformat it to suit the style of the site. I have the capability to read just about any major word-processor format, as well as PDF format submissions. Graphics and Illustrations should be in JPEG or GIF format (as appropriate to the style of image) and, in the case of large submissions, a thumbnail should be submitted first so I can determine if the work is suitable without downloading a 2Meg jpeg (trust me, I've lived through this before).

For those who want to submit new firearms to the Firearms Archive, I ask that you include an illustration of the gun in question (and not just a normal picture of a modern or historical firearm, but an original illustration of your fictional weapon - exceptions of course for submissions of modern firearms).

Submissions of Drugs do not have to be manufactured using our house drug production system. They can be made using the normal CP2020 rules, Ocelot's Drug Lab or even just whipped up without any real rules structure at all.

Submissions to the Body Bank should include an illustration of the character or at least an interesting background and personality to set the character appart from the rest of the Drek on the mean streets.

Your submission will be credited to you in the header of the article and an email link will be provided there also if you so request it. You will also be credited on the Credits page with your email address there. Some submissions will take longer than others to make it onto the site - it all depends on the quantity of formatting required - huge documents with lots of formatting emailed in an archaic word processor format will take a lot longer for me to get off my ass and HTMLize than a simple article.

All submissions should be emailed to, the HellHound 101.