The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

a new stat in the mix

"Hey, why are all the big guys really strong, and all the scrawny guys are wimps?"

"Uh... Cuz thems the rules?"

"I want a fat wimp!"

"I want a Thai Kick-Boxer, those little guys who kick the shit out of everyone and everything!"

"I just wanna play CyberPunk...."

- Thanks to Eggo von Eggo

Strength is effectively the stat that controls how much muscular power you can exert, whereas Body indicates your physical size and stamina. For character creation, increase the number of points allotted to your character by 1/9th. In my game we run 65 point characters, so with Strength added we have 72 point characters. (65 points over 9 stats is a 7.222 average, 72 points over 10 stats is a 7.2 average... a 0.022 difference).

CyberPunk 2021

Strength (STR) Body (BOD)
  • Adds for HTH damage
  • Determines Carrying Cap
  • 2/3 Used for firearms minimum BOD
  • Provides BTM & Save number
  • Determines height / weight
  • 1/3 Used for firearms minimum BOD
  • Strength Feat
  • Swimming
  • Endurance
  • Grafted Muscle (both)
  • Armor Weave (both)
  • Muscle Augmentation
  • Grafted Muscle (both)
  • Armor Weave (both)
  • Bone Lacing (sort of)

New Tech

Bone Lacing:
By lacing the skeleton with lattice chains of plastics and metals, this combination of nanotech and replacement surgery increases the bone's tensile strength and integrity. Lacing will add to the character's weight (5kg for plastic, 10kg for aluminium, and 15kg for titanium lacing). Unarmed blows are at St+1 for Plastic, +2 for Aluminium and +3 for titanium. Also, bone breakage is almost unheard of for people with lacing. This effectively increases the person's BTM. Note that Aluminium and Titanium lacing shows up on metal detectors.
     	Plastic:   +0BTM, +1dam, HL:1    $400.00  (N)
     	Aluminium: +1BTM, +2dam, HL:D3   $1000.00 (M)
     	Titanium:  +2BTM, +3dam, HL:D6+1 $2000.00 (M)
Muscle Augmentation:
Previously known as muscle lacing, by weaving in Kevlar-like materials to the musculature, performance can be increased drastically. Each level of Muscle Augmentation adds 1 to Strength and .5 to MA. Current tech limits Augmentation to 2 levels.
     	$700.00 per level 	HI:D3 per level    (M)