The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

CyberPunk 2021

New SpeedWare for the Discerning Punk

Wu-Tek HardWired

Top of the line in SpeedWare cybernetic enhancements... WuTek!
Hardwiring directly boosts the recipient's initiative by a drastic sum. With 200% Boosting the target is capable of up to four times the speed and activity as a normal person within a limited time-frame. Because of the massive increase in reaction speed, Hardwiring also has a massive cost in both euro and humanity of the target, as they seem to live in another world where there is just more time for everything, but it must be done so much quicker. Luckily Harwiring can be turned off, allowing for almost a normal lifestyle between actions. Activating hardwiring takes under 3 seconds, and the only time it does not affect the user's initiative is in ambush situations.

Hardwiring 50% Boost5,000eb3d6 HL+1d10 initiative
Hardwiring 100% Boost10,000eb5d6 HL+2d10 initiative
Hardwiring 200% Boost20,000eb7d6 HL+3d10 initiative

Owari HardWired

Owari! Number Two in Speedware, just as fast but not as friendly!
When the military first experimented with Speedware, they decided that a control was required before releasing such enhanced soldiers back into the civilian world. This control was established in the format of a customized chemical trigger which had to be inhaled or injected before the Boost would enable. Within 1½ seconds of the drug's use, the full effect of the Hardwiring is experienced for a D6+1 minute period. Unfortunately the Owari trigger drug was quickly stolen and duplicated and is available on the Streets as HardFire for approx 2eb per hit.

Owari 50% Boost2,500eb3d6 HL+1d10 initiative
Owari 100% Boost5,000eb6d6 HL+2d10 initiative
Owari 200% Boost10,000eb8d6 HL+3d10 initiative

Synaptic Accelerators

It's fast AND Empathy-Friendly! BioWared for Speed!
Using a nanotech regimen, the nerves along the spine and inside the brain are lengthened, reducing the amount of time required for a signal to transfer from one location to another. This is the least damaging Speedboost to both the body and the psyche.

Stage I Synaptic Accel2,000eb1d6 HL+1d6 initiative
Stage II Synaptic Accel5,000eb2d6 HL+2d6 initiative

Rocket SpeedBoosts

Baragain-Basement-Borgs Rejoice! It's fast and cheap!
The newest in Speedware, Rocket Performance CyberTech has followed up in it's usual style, producing mediocre cyberware to fulfill the budget borg niche. With a Negligeable surgery, a budget borg can upgrade his Rocket from one level to the next by only paying the difference in price plus 500eb.

Class 1 "Rocket One"800eb2 HL+1 initiative
Class 21,500eb3 HL+2 initiative
Class 3 "Rocket On"2,00eb4 HL+3 initiative
Class 42,500eb5 HL+4 initiative
Class 5 "Rocket Steady"3,000eb6 HL+5 initiative

Neo-Myelin Sheathing

Better than Mother Nature, it's Biotechnica to the rescue!
Myelin is the protein compound that blankets your nerve cells and prevents interference with the neural impulses traveling through them. Neo-myelin does the same things, only better. This improved biopolymer sheathing increases transmission efficiency, and cuts down on bio-electrical interference. Cannot be combined with any other Reflex boosting. Provides +1 REF, +1 Initiative and makes the user immune to the effects of EMP weapons on non-cybernetic parts (no twitching cockroach or blinding headaches)

Neo-Myelin Sheathing9,800eb2d6 HL(MI) +1 REF, +1 Init.