The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

Chick With SkilPak

Locutus Technologies'

Integral SkilPak

Head office sending you into the field, and the biggest gun you ever handled is a lighter? Travelling through Europe and want to know what they're calling you behind your back? Perhaps you're heading up for a weekend at Crystal Palace and don't want to look like a total dork in Zero-G? Feeling that your blood isn't blue enough for that socialite bodyguard gig?

Locutus Technologies has the answer! With a simple implant of the SISPak, you get a basic knowlege of the skills needed to handle the situation.

Spinal Integral SkilPaks are implanted near the neural processor on the lower back and are wired in much the same way as a Chipware Socket. Locutus SISPaks look almost like strip batteries mounted just above Neural Processor, while WU-TEK's "Clusters" are small star-like shapes implanted just below and beside the Processor. Effectively a SkilPak is a Chipware Socket with built-in chips that cannot be swapped and with no additional slots for more chips.

SISPaks cost less humanity to the user than a regular ChipJack because of the lack of ability to change the skills chipped, and only count as two chips against the user's maximum number of chipped skills. (Negl. Surgery, D2 Humanity Loss)

Please note that like all other APTR and MRAM chips, SkilPaks are proprietary skills, and supercede any previous skill levels.

Combat Operative SkilPak
HandGun +2, Stealth +2, Martial Arts: ArasakaTe +2, Melee +2, Rifle +2, SMG +2

Corporate Cog SkilPak (Arasaka, Militech, Akusaga Merrill & Finch, OA, etc)
Personal Grooming +2, Wardrobe & Style +2, Stock Market +2, Spec.Knowledge (corporation) +2, Spec.Knowledge: Etiquette +2, Language (as appropriate) +2

Casanova SkilPak
Personal Grooming +2, Wardrobe & Style +2, Seduction +2, Cooking +2, Expert: Sex +2, Massage +2

TechnoWizardtm SkilPak
Basic Tech +2, Electronics +2, CyberTech +2, AVTech +2, GyroTech +2, Electronic Security +2

Zero-G SkilPak
0G Maneuver +2, Space Survival +2, OTV Pilot +2, EVA Pilot +2, Area Knowledge: Crystal Palace +2, Spec.Knowledge: Highrider Culture +2

KungFu Fightin' SkilPak
Chinese +2, Martial Art: Jeet Kun Do +2, Martial Art: Shaolin Kung Fu +2, Martial Art: Karate +2, Martial Art: Tae Kwon Do +2, Spec.Knowledge: Kung Fu Cinema +2

CrystalJok SkilPak
System Knowledge +2, Programming +2, Math +2, Language: CyberC++ +2, CyberDeck Design +2, Virtual Reality Design +2