The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

CyberPunk 2021
Special Shotgun Loads

Editorial Note:
I still use the concept of multiple hits from shotgun blasts at medium/long range that was introduced in Friday Night Firefight 2013. This means that my shotguns are a lot deadlier at short range (where one person takes the whole shot), but less deadly at longer ranges (where the damage is spread out across several areas). Where prices are not listed for both 10 and 12 gauge, the price is for 12g, 10g costs 50% more.
Whenever a munition says it hits 2 locations, roll on the following hit location table (from Friday Night Firefight 2013):
Roll location location
1 L.Arm Torso
2 Torso R.Arm
3 Head Torso
4 Torso Head
5 R.Leg L.Leg
6 L.Leg R.Leg
7 R.Arm Torso
8 Torso L.Arm
9 Torso Torso
0 Torso Torso

All-Brass Shot
20eb/20 12g shells, 30eb/20 10g shells
Consists of 24 or so round pieces of brass shot.
50m range
	range	12g	no of hits	burst	   10g
	Short  	6d6  	1 location		   7d6
	Medium  3d6  	2 locations  	1m burst   3d6+2
	Long  	2d6  	2 locations  	2m burst   2d6+1
	Extreme 1d6 	d3+1 locations 	3m burst   1d6
Sharp Shot
30eb/20 12g shells, 45eb/20 12g shells
Consists of 24 or so pieces of jagged metal and/or glass chunks.
Same as All-Brass for damages, hits and burst.
Soft armor only provides 2/3 SP, 40m range

Glass Powder Load
60eb/20 12g shells, 90eb/20 10g shells
25m range, -1 Weapon Reliability, 2x SP
	range	12g	no of hits	burst	   10g
	Short  	8d6 	1 location		   9d6
	Medium 	4d6 	2 locations		   4d6+2
	Long 	2d6+2 	2 locations 	1m burst   2d6+3
	Extreme	1d6+1 	d3+1 locations	1.5m burst 1d6+1
Thermite Shot
30eb each, 50m range, each round fired after fifth has cumulative 10% chance of warping barrel.
	range	12g	no of hits	burst	   10g
	Short	9d6AP	1 location		   10d6AP
	Medium	5d6AP	2 locations		   5d6+2AP
	Long	3d6AP	2 locations	1m burst   3d6+2AP
	Extreme	2d6AP	d3+1 locations	1.5m burst 2d6+2AP
Sharps & Powder
50eb/20 shells. A combination of glass chunks and glass dust. 30m range, -1 Weapon Reliability
	range	12g	no of hits	burst	   10g
	Short	7d6 	1 location		   8d6
	Medium	3d6+2 	2 locations 	1m burst   4d6
	Long 	2d6+1 	2 locations 	1.5m burst 2d6+2
	Extreme	1d6 	d3+1 locations 	2m burst   1d6+1
Shot & Powder
40eb/20 shells. A combination of all-brass shot and glass dust. 40m range, -1 Weapon Reliability, +50% Armor SP. Range and Damage catagories are the same as for Sharps & Powder ammo above.

15eb/shot. Fires a nylon bag full of conductive metallic dust and an electric trigger. When the bag impacts it deals 2d6+2 damage and ruptures creating a 3m cloud of dust which is then electrified by the trigger device (if it fires successfuly - 70% chance). All inside the cloud must make a stun save at -2 or be zonked for d6+1 rounds.

Rifled Deer Slugs
12gauge - 6d6+6 damage (full SP, full penetrating damage) 40eb/20
10gauge - 7d6+7 damage (full SP, full penetrating damage) 60eb/20

APFSDS 5.5mm Slug
(12 or 10 gauge) - 8d6AP - 10eb - 75m range

HE Slug
slug damage, 1/2 always penetrates armor, stun save at -2, x8 cost

slug damage, 1/2 always penetrates armor, 1/2 SP, x12 cost

slug damage, 1/4 SP, 1 point real, rest is stun damage. x3 cost

Rubber Batons
slug damage, 1/2 of damage always penetrates armor, 1/2 real, 1/2 stun. x2 cost

Flechette Cloud
treat as all-brass shot, 1/2SP, 1/2 penetrating damage, x2.5 cost

Gas Capsules
Gas rounds deal 1d6+3 damage on impact and release a 1m rad cloud of...
tear gas 5eb
vomit gas 10eb
hallucinogenic gas 10eb
sleep gas 10eb
biotoxin I 25eb (very rare)

Flare Slugs
30eb/20 shells, 30m illumination range, Causes 2d6+2 damage, +d3 per round for 3 rounds

Flash Shot
45eb/20 shells, 25m by 3m cone: REF roll dif 25 if in shot or be blinded 2d6+2 turns, stun save at -2.

FlashBang Slugs
A small time-delay charge of blasting explosive and flash-powder held in a nylon bag that explodes on impact, bangers act as small flash-bang grenades. All within 2m (5m indoors) must make a stun save, and an additional dif 20 REF roll to avoid 2 turns of blindness. 25m range. 15eb each.