The Enemy Within


There are numerous bioware and cybersystems available to help an individual alter there appearance. Combining these into a package could prove invaluable to any inflitrator or fashion follower.....


The package allows the wearer to change their face, hair colour/length and skin coloration. There are additional systems to change their height and apparent weight over a number of minutes. As with any disguise, it is difficult to move from one extreme to another, so it is unlikely a 6 foot meatboy could be impersonated by a 5 foot weakling.

The chameleon system uses a central processor to guide the changes carried out to complete the disguise. Pictures and measurements help complete the shapechange although it can be done by eye. The system grants +8 to disguise rolls but the success of the impersonation is modified by the depth of information available on the target and the skill of the system's operator. [The is a x3 intelligence based skill and cannot be taught without the implants. The referee may allow characters +1 in the skill per three disguise skill levels, but this is optional!!]

Has developed the shapechange skill
+1 per 3 skill levels
Has body scans / medical measurements of target
Has detailed / many photographs of target
Similar body size and shape to your own
[BOD stats are within 2 points of each other]
Have suitable clothes & equipment
Doing it by eye
Fairly different shape or the other sex
[BOD stats are more than 3 points different]
Vastly different to your appearance (i.e.: an exotic or very thin / overweight)
-5 or more*

* In some instances it may not be possible to match the skin of the target (ice: heavy fur or snakeskin)

Make disguise roll against adding the modifiers from the table above. People who see the transformed wearer must make an awareness roll against this value to spot "something wrong". Successful bluffs may put their suspicions at ease but the impersonator must have some clue to give a reasonable answer!

Example: Agent Smith want's to impersonate Mr. Jones the young corp exec Smith's BOD score is 7, he has disguise +3 and shapchange +2. He has some pictures of Jones but no details body scans - the Ref says this is good for +2. Sadly, he doesn't have Jones' Savile Row black suit - he's only got a knock off from one of the nanomachine in Kiobi Tower (the ref does a poker face). Jones has BOD 8 as he works out a bit and the Ref lets Smith's player get the +1 bonus.

This brings Smith's totals of INT 8, shapechange bonus +1, +2 for image intelligence, +1 of similar shape and disguise skill of 3 to 15. Smith's player rolls a 6 and this make his total 21.

Mr. Jones Mark II takes a walk to his offices and gets in the lift. Jones' assitant gets in and the Ref makes an awareness test - he gets a total of 17, so the assistant says nothing. Unfortunately for Smith, Jones' boss gets in on the next floor up and starts waffling about last week's boardmeeting. Smith has to make a few noncommittal grunts and nods as he doesn't have Jones' voice pattern. The Boss makes a perception roll and gets 22..... there's something odd about Jones and why's he wearing that cheap suit?

Smith tries a line about his best suit being in for repair, sets his mobile phone off and pretends to be busy (his player tries a rough impersonation of Jones' voice) .... The Ref says nothing and keeps Smith's player sweating. The lift arrives and Smith makes his way to the computer room.

Personally, I don't like to tell my players how well they're doing on fast talk rolls or disguise attempts. You can be really evil and have Security waiting at the target's desk..... of course, they won't know it's just to give them back the five euro they borrowed for the coffee machine. :-)


Total Package costs: 10D6 + 4D3 + 4 HC and $16,650 (excluding surgery)


Original Sourcebook
Colour changing artificial skin
[Change your skin tone and complexion instantly]
Cyberpunk rulebook
Colour, style and length changing hair
Vocal synthesizer for special effects
Cyberpunk rulebook
Voice Pattern
Emulate a target's voice via audio-vox implant
Chromebook I
Feature Alternation Option
Change facial shape (+4 disguise)
When Gravity Fails

New Kit

System Surgery Effects
Original Sourcebook
Cyberoptics with Pattern Emulator
Pair of cyberoptics with a system that changes the eye's pattern to that of a target.
[Fool's eye scanners 90%]
$500 x 2
$400 x 2
D6 x 2
2 x 2
Main rule book + new
Improved Feature alteration system M Replacement tissue for ears, nose and brows.
Facial changes now done in 2D6 minutes
Neoplastic Teeth C 8 front teeth replaced with memory bioplastics. $800
Polybone implants: hands C Replace hand's bones with shape altering bone/bioplastic composite. Change hand structure in D4 minutes.
$1000 x 2
D6 x 2
(see GURPS Bioware)
Polybone transformation. C Change length of arms and legs by up to +/- 6"
[takes D6 minutes and a difficult intelligence roll]
Tissue sacs M Sacs to change the bulk of the torso as necessary
Transformation Controller M Central control unit for bone, size, colouration and posture modification

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