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Rechambering Kits
Proprietary Munitions


Constitution Arms
Constitution Arms acquired Cor-Bon soon after their climb into the post-collapse firearms environment. In the pre-collapse marketplace, Cor-Bon manufactured proprietary munitions and conversion kits to use these munitions in popular firearm types. Cor-Bon munitions use a necked-down design much more like a rifle round than a pistol load. This provides better penetration than the broad-tipped munitions they usually replace, as well as being a slightly lighter load with more powder, providing greater muzzle velocity.

.50AE to .44 CA/Cor-Bon Magnum
Using the massive frame of the .50 caliber (half-inch) Action Express load made popular by the Jericho 942FS and the Desert Eagle automatic pistols, Cor-Bon engineered a necked-up round using the better flight and penetrative mechanics of the superior .44 magnum slug. When CA purchased this design, they changed the casing slightly to allow for the use of the 12mm CA Multiple-Ammunitions used in their CA-MAP police revolver.
The .44 CA/Cor-Bon Magnum round deals 4d6+3 damage in CP2020 (5d6+1 in BlackHammer) and has range 10% greater than a standard .50AE round in the same firearm. In addition .44 CA/Cor-Bon Magnums can be bought in all the standard CA-MAP munition loads at double the normal price for these loads.
The Conversion Kit for this proprietary load is available for all .50AE firearms, and only requires a slide-in barrel assembly and chamber adaptor. The kit costs 125eb for an Extremely Common gun, 250eb for a Common gun, 375eb for an Uncommon gun (such as both the Desert Eagle and the Jericho 942FS), and 500eb for a rare gun. The kit requires a gunsmith roll (dif 12) to install correctly and takes 20 minutes to install, 5 minutes to remove.

.45ACP to .400 Cor-Bon
The initial proprietary munition that launched Cor-Bon into the field was their re-build of the venerable .45ACP load. Using the superior ballistic properties of the .40 Smith & Wesson load, Cor-Bon necked-up the casing and loaded the smaller slug ahead of the larger powder charge. The result was a round far superior to the old .45ACP.
The .400 Cor-Bon deals 3d6 damage in CP2020 (3d6+3 in BlackHammer) and has range 10% greater than a standard .45ACP round in the same firearm.
The .400 Cor-Bon kit costs the same as the .44 CA/Cor-Bon kit.

12mm and .44 to 12mmCA
Constitution Arms took the opportunity presented by the production of the Cor-Bon kit line to manufacture a kit converting 12mm and .44 firearms to use the slightly larger 12mm rounds designed for their CA-MAP, giving them a new foothold in the civilian firearms market as more and more 12mm guns are making their way into the field, and people are itching for ways to make their guns more effective.
Unlike their Cor-Bon kits, the 12mmCA kit requires a new top end for the gun in question, changing both the barrel and chamber to accept the 12mmCA load. The kit costs 40% of the firearm's cost for revolvers, 60% for automatics and 100% for sub-guns, and requires a difficult (20) weaponsmith roll and three hours to install or tear down. Automatics and SMGs lose 10% of their ammo capacity and have theri reliability decreased by 1.

11mm to CA 10-4
Constitution Arms last rechambering was for the 11mm round, loading in a reduced-size 10.4mm slug, again in a slightly necked-down design. Of all the CA proprietary loads, this is probably the least improved over their initial design, but is selling well because of their excellent blip-vert campaign... "10-4 good buddy!"...
The 10.4mm slug deals 3d6+2 damage in CP2020 (4d6+2 in BlackHammer), with no extended range. The conversion kit costs 75eb for an Extremely common gun, 150eb for a Common gun, 250eb for an Uncommon gun and 400eb for a rare gun.

Militech Conversions

Unable to pass up a good opportunity, Militech jumped for the special bullet styles of the CA / Cor-Bon loads and produced one that is leaping to the front line of after-market rechamberings, the 88 ISTS Magnum.

10mm to Militech 88 ISTS Magnum
The 8.8mm bullet of the 88 ISTS is significantly smaller in diameter than the 10mm slug it replaces, but backed by the 10mm powder charge it is a fair match for the .400 Cor-Bon, with even more range, and better sales because 10mm is becoming the industry standard for the border-line medium/heavy handguns, including use with the US Military, Militech and Arasaka forces.
The 88 ISTS slugs deal 3d6 damage in CP2020 (3d6+3 in BlackHammer), and extend the range of the firearm by 20%. The conversion kits cost double the costs of the CA 10-4 kit.

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Please note that all these proprietary munitions gain a aprt of their extra damage and range from the increased powder charge behind a lighter slug than the standard load. What this means is that the ammo pushes the firearm to the very limits of it's design threshold for gas pressures... while this is still considered safe and does not reduce the reliability of the firearm, it does show when people hot-load their proprietary loads. Instead of reducing reliability one class for hot-loads, reliability is decreased two classes. In addition reliability is reduced 1 class when firing +P loads from these guns.