The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

The Real-World Drug Project

Image (c) KMFDM The Real-World Drug Project was created out of a perceived need to compare 2020 street drugs with their modern precursors. After all, even with the DEA lockdowns on most natural drugs, many of these pharmacological compounds will still be in production and use in 2020, just as opium is still smoked today after hundreds of years and the introduction of hundreds of new drugs.

We've attempted to be as honest and accurate as we could with these listings, but admittedly a lot of our documentation is "aged" at best, and some of it may be outright wrong now. We've also avoided covering drugs whose effects are still under debate (such as the long-term effects of cannabis consumption).

The project is now into it's second stage. The first stage was 17 real pharmaceuticals uploaded on March 2nd, Stage 2 includes an additional 7 drugs, (some requests from other players and GMs, some others I dug up) appended to the original file and uploaded on June 1st.

Once again, this list is nowhere near complete, and if there are drugs you would like to see added to it, please contact the editor with your specific needs and we'll see what we can manage.

One of the components of "pink adrenaline," a derivative of the epinephrine produced in the body. It has an indole nucleus, identical to that in the hallucinogens, and for this reason was thought to be a chemical cause of schizophrenia, since some of the effect of that disease are similar to those produced by the hallucinogens. When injected, adrenochrome will cause immediate physical pain unless it is mixed with the subject's own blood. Mixed or not, it produces certain abnormal and unpredicatble effects in the subject, including changes in color and texture of the environment, distorted visual patterns, vague paranoia and irritability.
Str:4   Cost:50eb/dose   Dif:Easy

main    Psychedellic +3, Accelerator +1
side    Aggression +1, Paranoia +2

onset:9 seconds      duration:15 minutes
detection:normal     residue:normal

Amenita Muscaria (Fly Agaric)
A hallucinogenic, poisonous mushroom Amenita Muscaria which grows in North America, Siberia and Europe. The mushroom contains an alkaloid, muscarine, which in sufficient quantities will stop the heart. Death usually follows the ingestion of three of the mushrooms. In smaller toxic amounts it induces vomiting, rapid breathing, hallucinations, intoxication, gaiety and perception distortion in which small objects seem large, and sometimes paranoia and aggressive behavious. Intoxication usually ends in a deep sleep.
Str:10   Cost:5eb/dose    Dif:Average

main    Psychedellic +6, Euphoric +4
side    Physical Reaction +3, Aggression +1
after   Sleepiness +4, Poisonous +4

onset:10 minutes     duration:1 hour
detection:normal     residue:normal

Amyl Nitrite
An inhalant dilator of the small blood vessels, this drug also relaxes the smooth (involuntary) muscles of the body. It is only active when inhaled, hence it is sold as a clear, yellow, volatile liquid in glass ampuls, which are borken open, usually in a handkerchief, and inhaled. It has a fruity odor and a pungent, aromatic taste. The drug causes a rush, supposedly enhances orgasm, and occasuionally causes temporary visual disorders such as yellow of blue halos surrounding dark objects agains a light background.
Str:5   Cost:10eb/dose   Dif:Average

main    Euphoric +4, Stimulant +1
side    Convulsions +1
cum     Tolerance +1

onset:4 seconds      duration:15 seconds
detection:normal     residue:normal

Amytal (amobarbitol)
And intermediate-acting Barbiturate hypnotic and sedative. Amytal comes in capsule-shaped scored tablets inscribed "Lilly" in different colors, depending on the amount of the drug (the rules below are for a 50mg dosage).
Str:6   Cost:5eb/dose   Dif:Average

main    Hypnotic+2, Sedative+3, Analgesic+1
side    Alienation+2, Clouded Thinking +2, Drowsy+2
after   Sleepiness+3
cum     Physical Addiction+1

onset:30 minutes     duration:2 hours
detection:normal     residue:normal

A synthetic compound similar in effects to morphine, it is also very similar to mperidine, another synthetic opiate, in chemical structure and pharmacological action. It is not as constipating as morphine, but has similar side reactions (sometimes results in vomiting, nausea, feelings of warmth, faintness and dizziness.) Physical dependence results from long-term usage.
Str:5   Cost:5eb/dose   Dif:Average

main    Analgesic +5
side    Physical Reaction +1, Clouded Thinking +2
cum     Physical Addiction +4

onset:1 minute       duration:3 hours
detection:normal     residue:normal

Also called caapi and yage. A hallucinogenic beverage brewed from various species of the tropical liana Banisterio psis, especially banisteriopsis caapi by the Chama Indians of northeastern Peru. Sometimes the beverage is prepared witht he vine alone, and sometimes in conjunction with other leaves, especially haemadictyon amazonica. When ill, the Indians take the beverage in the belief that they will see in their hallucinations the plants that will cure them. They also take it before an important enterprise, in the hope that their visions wil foretell the future, and for other shamanic visions and vision-quests.
Str:9   Cost:50eb/dose   Dif:Difficult

main    Psychedellic+5, Hypnotic+2, Analgesic+2
side    Delusions+3, Disorientation+2,
        Hallucinations+2, Time Distortion+2

onset:10 minutes     duration:3 hours
detection:normal     residue:normal

Benzedrine (amphetamine sulfate)
A central nervous system stimulant first used as a decongestant and in the treatment of narcolepsy. It was issued in ship's kits and to German paratroopers in the Spanish Civil War. During World War II it was issued to troops on both sides to counteract fatigue amongst frontline units. Benzedrine is sold in flat pink, three-sided 5 and 10 milligram tablets. Standard dosage (below) is for about 25-50mg.
Str:8   Cost:5eb/dose    Dif:Difficult

main    Stimulant +4, Speed +2, Euphoric +2
side    Aggression +1
after   Anxiety +3
cum     Insomnia +3, Paranoia +4, Tolerance +2

onset:1 minute       duration:30 minutes
detection:normal     residue:normal

[d-2-bromolysergic acid tartrate]

A hallucinogenic congener (analog - related in function, design and origin) of LSD-25.

Str:7   Cost:5eb/dose    Dif:Average

main    Psychedellic +4, Hypnotic +2, Euphoric +1
side    Hallucinations +2
cum     Flashbacks +2, Temporary Tolerance +4

onset:30 minutes     duration:6 hours
detection:normal     residue:normal

[2-methylserotonin (5-hydroxydimethyltryptamine)]
A substance first isolated from the skin of toads and used medically to raise blood pressure. It has also been isolated in two hallucinogenic plants. When taken alone, it does have consciousness-altering effects. In an experiment, 16 milligrams of bufotenine injected caused color hallucinations in the form or red and purple spots and a yellwoish haze, an imparment of time and space perception, and mental confusion and cloudiness. Bufotenine is close in structure to serotonin which in turn is similar, structurally, to a part of the molecular structure of LSD.
Str:2   Cost:5eb/dose    Dif:Easy

main    Psychellic +2
side    Clouded Thinking +2, Disorientation +1,
        Time Distortion +1
cum     Temporary Tolerance +2

onset:1 minute       duration:40 minutes
detection:normal     residue:normal

Carbon Tetrachloride
This is a heavy, colorless, toxic liquid with a strong odor used in cleaning fluids and the source of the deliriant effect sought by the drug abusers who sniff them. Toxic reactions to the fumes unclude headache, mental confusion, depression, fatigue, loss of appetite, nasea, vomiting. Some of these symptoms do not appear until after the passage of several hours.
Str:2   Cost:0.5eb/dose  Dif:Average

main    Euphoric +2
side    Clouded Thinking +2, Physical Reaction +2
after   Depression +2, Drowsiness +3
cum     Nerve Degeneration +1

onset:4 seconds      duration:1 minute
detection:normal     residue:normal

Cardiac Epinephrine
Str:7   Cost:25eb/dose   Dif:V.Diff.

main    Stabilizer +5, Stimulant +2
side    Death +4, Analgesia +2
after   Convulsions +2

onset:2 sec          duration:15 sec
detection:normal     residue:normal

Chloral Hydrate
A nonbarbiturate hypnotic and sedative. Combined with alcohol, liquid chloral hydrate induces acute intoxication, resembling an overdose of barbiturates, including unconsciousness and coma. In this illicit use it was known as a Mickey Finn or KnockOut Drops. Excessive, long-term use of chloral hydrate can result in both psychic and physical dependance. The hypnotic dose is 1-2 grams with a toxic dose of about 10 grams.
Str:6   Cost:10eb/dose   Dif:Average

main    Sedative +2, Hypnotic +2, Soporific +2
side    Clouded Thinking +2
after   Sleepiness +1
cum     Obsession +2, Physically Addictive +2

onset:30 minutes     duration:1 hour
detection:normal     residue:normal

[piperidyl benzilate]
A hallucinogen and psychotomimetic drug. Experiments with Ditran induced clear psychotic symptoms, hallucinations (mainly auditory), delusions and a catatonic state. Upon injection it produced odd sensations and heaviness of limbs. After fifteen minutes it produced slureed speech, inertia and sensory cloudiness. One hour after injection it produced unresponsiveness both to question and to environmental occurrences. Changes in perception altered the form, distnace, movement and color of objects.
Str:6   Cost:10eb/dose   Dif:Average

main    Psychedellic +6
side    Blank +4, Disorientation +2

onset:1 hour         duration:6 hours
detection:normal     residue:normal

A semisynthetic, fast-acting hallucinogenic chemical very similar in structure to psilocin. It is easily synthesized with rudimentary equipment and common ingredients. The usual mode of ingestion is to soak parsely in the drug, let it dry, then smoke it in a pipe or cigarette, or to ingest the crystals directly.
Str:4   Cost:5eb/dose    Dif:Easy

main    Psychedellic +4
side    Hallucinations +1
cum     Temporary Tolerance +4

onset:1 minute       duration:30 minutes
detection:normal     residue:normal

A mild, soporific beverage made from the roots of the plant piper methysticum, a member of the pepper family. It is drunk by South Sea Islanders of New Guinea (where it is called kavakava) and hawaii (where it is called ava). The beverage is served hot; it is aromatic, rather soapy in taste, and astringent. Kava is not addictive, and its action is sedative; if enough is drunk, the user will fall asleep.
Str:3   Cost:10eb/dose   Dif:Average

main    Sedative +3
side    Clouded Thinking +1
after   Sleepiness +2

onset:10 minutes     duration:30 minutes
detection:normal     residue:normal

The buds or fresh leaves of Catha Edulis which are chewed or drunk as tea in Yemen, East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. It is a central nervous system stimulant very similar in chemical structure and effects to amphetamines. In Yemen it is used to banish sleepiness and hunger on long treks and also for its exhilerating effects. Adverse effects include restlessness, insomnia, overstimulation of the heart and loss of sexual desire. The usual mode of ingestion is to chew the leaves when they are fresh. Psychic dependence does occur in habitual users, who feel strongly impelled to use it once a day or more and will do so in preference to eating.
Str:3   Cost:10eb/dose   Dif:Easy

main    Stimulant +2, Accelerator +1
side    Anxiousness +2, Egotism +2
cum     Obsession +2

onset:10 minutes     duration:1 hour
detection:normal     residue:normal

Meperidine (Demerol)
A synthetic narcotic analgesic, structurally dissimilar to morphine, but which has many similar pharmacological analgesic effects when given in equipotent doses. Intrmuscular injections of 80 to 100mg give analgesia equivalent to 10mg of morphine. Unlike morphine, meperidine does not usually produce constipation or urinary retention or respiratory depression. It still sometimes causes nausea, vomitting, giddiness, vertigo and faintness in some patients. It is also considered less addictive than morphine.
Str:3   Cost:10eb/dose   Dif:Easy

main    Analgesic +2, Sedative +1
side    Physical Reaction +1, Convulsions +1
cum     Physical Addiction +1

onset:10 min         duration:3 hours
detection:normal     residue:normal

Str:3   Cost:5eb/dose    Dif:Easy

main    Sedative +3
after   Depression +2
cum     Physical Addiction +1, Obsession +1

onset:10 min         duration:3 hours
detection:normal     residue:normal

Str:5   Cost:5eb/dose    Dif:Average

main    Psychedellic +3, Stimulant +2
side    Hallucinations +2, Obsession +4
cum     Temporary Tolerance +3

onset:1 min          duration:1 hour
detection:normal     residue:normal

Str:13  Cost:25eb/dose   Dif:V. Diff.

main    Stimulant +5, Euphoric +4, Speed +4
side    Aggression +2, Egotism +5, Obsession +5, Paranoia +3
cum     Insomnia +3, Brain Damage +1

onset:1 min          duration:6 hours
detection:normal     residue:normal
format:Injected or Inhaled

A natural alkaloid of opium. Morphine acts directly on the central nervous system and also on the bowel muscles, relieving almost all kinds of pain, especially continuing, dull pain. The prefered method of application is through subcutaneous injection, taking effect in an hour to 90 minutes, and lasting for 4-6 hours. Intravenous injection reaches peak effect in 20 minutes, but duration is cut down to just over an hour. Effects include constriction of the pupils, heaviness of limbs, itchiness of face and nose, yawning warmth in the stomach, respiratory depression, sweating and a fall in body temperature. Psychological effects include analgesia, euphoria, drowsiness, impariment of mental and physical performance, reduced sex and hunger drives, mental clouding, inability to concentrate, and sometimes apathy.
Str:6   Cost:5eb/dose    Dif:Difficult

main    Analgesic +4, Euphoric +3
side    Drowsiness +2, Clouded Thinking +3
after   Depression +2
cum     Physical Addiction +3, Tolerance +2

onset:1 hour         duration:6 hours
detection:normal     residue:normal

Nitrous Oxide
Str:1   Cost:5eb/dose    Dif:Easy

main    Euphoric +1
side    Analgesia +1, Disorientation +2, Clouded Thinking +2

onset:4 sec          duration:1 min
detection:normal     residue:normal

A "long-acting" barbituric acid derivative. Phenobarbs (under the trade names of Luminol, Phenobella, and many others) move slowly through the blood to the brain, and hence are slow to take effect, but which produce a more profound and prolonged effect because they are slow in passing through the kidneys. Phenobarbitol is a sedative and a hypnotic, which in clinical doeses produces a long, deep sleep. Those who do not fall asleep following such a dosage are usually confused and have their mental faculties impaired. The long duration also means that many users awaken still confused and drowsy. Prolonged use results ina physical dependence on the drug. Also since it takes so long to take effect, addicts sometimes overdose by taking additional dosages before the initial dosage has even taken effect.
Str:10  Cost:10eb/dose   Dif:V.Diff.

main    Sedative +5, Hypnotic +2, Soporific +3
side    Clouded Thinking +4
after   Clouded Thinking +3
cum     Physical Addiction +3

onset:1 hour         duration:6 hours
detection:normal     residue:normal

The synthesized euphoric active principle in Cannabis. When cannabis is smoked, this material is changed less than any of the other resinous materials found in hemp leaves. It is a mild euphoric and psychedellic, first synthesized in 1966, and still quite expensive to manufacture.
Str:3   Cost:10eb/dose   Dif:Easy

main    Euphoric +2, Psychedellic +1
side    Drowsiness +2
after   Hunger +3

onset:1 minute       duration:30 minutes
detection:normal     residue:normal