The BlackHammer Conversions

The contents of these pages have been collected from the Quake II html manual and from DuvalMagic's Quake 2 Weapons And Combat FAQ by Flint Shrubwood for the BlackHammer Cyberpunk Project site.

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The Armory

Blaster Pistol:
This is the standard issue rechargeable energy side-arm. Using State Of The Art capacitors and batteries, it does not require ammunition. Useful for taking down Plebes as well as exploding barrels and setting off shootable buttons and secret doors. Keep one on you at all times. The Blaster Pistol reloads itself at a rate of 1 shot per round
(This weapon is somewhat beyond the tech level of CPunk 2020)
PST +1 J R 1d10 1 1 VR 50m $2,000

This auto-loader based on a more rugged frame striker shotgun uses 12 gauge shotshells for ammunition. The spread of the shotgun blast makes close combat more damaging, but long range attacks easier. Perfect for the less than proficient marksman.
SHG +0 N P 12g 20 2 ST 50m $900

Super Shotgun:
This is the uncompromising big brother to the Shotgun. Choose your shots effectively. The slow firing rate may only give you a few chances to bring down the enemy before hes able to engage you up close. It eats far more expensive shells than the Shotgun, but the show is well worth it. This weapon fires 10gauge shot from both barrels simultaneously and holds 6 shells internally (3 shots). Recoil Factor is 7.5.
SHG +0 N R 10g 3 1 ST 50m $1,500

Machine Gun:
Although this weapon is easy to use, its light weight allows for considerable kickback that will push your gun up. Fire in short burst until you can effectively steady your aim. This weapon gets no autofire bonus at short range and doubles autofire penalties at medium / long ranges. Stats assume the folding stock is extended, otherwise decrease accuracy by 1 and increase concealability to Jacket.
SMG +1 L P 3d6(5.7mm) 40 20 ST 200m $950

The chain gun makes mince meat out of your enemy, but requires an insane amount of ammunition. The long spin up and spin down time makes the chain gun most effective for sustained attacks. Because of the spin-up time, for the first round of fire the ChainGun only has ROF:10. Recoil Factor in full ROF is a mere 9!
HVY +1 N R 3d6(5.7mm) 200 100 ST 300m $4,000

Grenade Launcher:
The grenade launcher is useful for delivering firepower into hard to reach areas or clearing out potential ambushes. We do not recommend using the grenade launcher in confined areas. This weapon fires standard Grenade Launcher 40mm Grenades from a small capacity 5 round drum magazine.
HVY -1 N R (special) 5 1 VR 100m $700

Rocket Launcher:
The rocket launcher delivers heavy fire power to your target. Be careful not use this weapon in close combat. Standard 66mm Rockets deal 7d10 damage with a 5m burst, and are also available in HEAT round format (1/2 SP, full damage, no burst effect).
HVY +1 N R 7d10 4 1 VR 400m $2,550

Hyper Blaster:
A hyper blaster is an energy chain gun with no spin up delay. Its high rate of fire is incredibly effective at destroying the enemy and depleting your energy cells. A magazine for this beast is only rechargeable at a special facility and costs $2,750
HVY +1 N R 2d10 100 50 UR 300m $10,000

Rail Gun:
The Rail Gun fires depleted uranium coated ferrous slugs at super high velocities. Take note of the distinctive blue corkscrew trail of smoke caused by the projectile or better yet, see how many scumbag Stroggs it goes through before it hits concrete.
RIF +2 N R 3d10AP 10 1 ST 500m $8,000

Armor Jack:
Classic SP16 Hard Armor Vest. Provides excellent protection against bullets and edged weapons to your most vital regions.
$300, SP:16, EV:0

Combat Suit:
A full kevlar suit with hardcase chest, covering arms, torso and legs (torso plate shown here). Provides SP:16 Hard Armor to the torso and SP:12 soft armor to the arms and legs.
$500, SP:16/12, EV:1

Full Body Armor:
A full hardcase body armor, including helmet. The coolest thing since MetalGear!
$700, SP:25, EV:2