The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

CyberPunk 2021

Options and Accessories for Prosthetics

Multiple Ammo Loads

Keep a variety of ammo loads available for your cybergun!
This little addition takes one space in a cyberarm and doubles the ammo capacity of a cyber-arm mounted firearm. The advanced version allows for the user to select which ammo load she wishes to use (allowing for two different ammo loads that you can switch between at will - but not in the middle of auto-fire!)

Extra Ammo100eb0.5 HLNo Surgery
Ammo Switch150eb1 HLNo Surgery

External Ammo Feed

Makes reloading your cybergun a cinch! Change ammo loads on the fly!
This slot on the side of your cyberarm links directly to the ammo feed of your implanted firearm; just slap in a magazine and get ready to rock and roll!! Several variations of this prosthetic option exist.
The first (External Feed) makes this slot the only ammo feed for the weapon. While this makes it impossible to conceal the weapon when firing or preparing to fire (as you have to load in a magazine to the slot before chambering the first round into the cybergun), it also reduces the size of the weapon by one option space.
The second option (Additional External Feed) makes the magazine feed a secondary ammo source for the cybergun. The cybergun still has it's primary ammo storage (plus potential additional storage if equipped with the Multiple Ammo Loads above), which is overridden when a magazine is loaded into the magazine feed.
The final option (External Ammo Switching) is a full slave feed. Although almost identical to the above feed, this feed does not override the other ammo feeds when loaded, and a mental "switch" must be thrown to change ammo feeds to this source. This final variety can also be mounted in pairs to allow for even more ammo storage or choices. Each pair of these loaders takes one option space, while a single one takes none.

External Feed50eb0 HLNo Surgery
Additional External Feed150eb1 HLNo Surgery
Additional External Switching450eb1 HLNo Surgery


Full-Arm Taser-Griptm! Don't just hit'em, fry'em!
This mod installs several insulated conductive plates into the cyberlimb in question. These plates are linked up to a battery bank in the arm that takes one option space. Anytime the Taser-Arm makes contact with someone and is triggered, the target must make a stun save at -3 or have his punk-ass knocked down for (d6x30) seconds. The battery pack is good for 9 shots, and additional packs can be installed for $250 each, with no humanity loss.

HotPlates800ebD3 HLNo Surgery

Skeletal Prosthetics

Function over Fashion! Nothing but the barest bones here!
Skeletal Prosthetics compormise aesthetics reduced weight and price. Although these cyberlimbs contain the same number of option spaces as normal limbs, all options are clearly visible accessories mounted onto the cyberarm. In addition, due to the design, Skeletal Prosthetics cannot have Strengthened Myomers, but can have Hydraulic Rams installed without taking an option space. The HL is slightly higher than a normal CyberArm because it is so blatantly non-human.

Skeletal CyberArm2,000eb2D6+2 HLCR Surgery
Skeletal CyberLeg1,500eb2D6+2 HLCR Surgery