The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

CyberPunk 2021


Within the language of machines, a digital murder, a mathematical terrorist,
an algebra of evil.
The occult synthesis of alembic technology.
Caesura, cleave, cut, digitate, divide, detach, disconnet, sever, slice, luxation, lacerate, truncate.
The dissection of knowledge, the hacking of facts.
Programming and digital transfer.

Clock DVA - The Hacker

The Big Eraser The Big Eraser
Class: Anti-Personnel / Anti-Program
Strength: 9
MU: 6
Cost: 17,500eb
Dif: 70

The Big Eraser is a simple, brutal design. It is wielded like, well, a large eraser, and "rubs out" offensive software and netrunners (2D6 damage to Programs or Runners on a successful attack). Programs like this see more and more use as the amount of software on the net increases and it gets harder to distinguish between software and netrunner icons.
Icon: A huge (8' long) cartoon rubber eraser that the runner pulls out of his pocket.

Screen Saver Screen Saver
Class: Anti-Personnel / Controller
Strength: 7
MU: 5
Cost: 13,750eb
Dif: 55

Screen Saver is a fantastic multi-media adventure in anti-personnel programming. Functional both to targets on and off the net, Screen Saver attacks runners directly, taking over their view with a funky, original, hypnotic graphic that freezes them in place for 2d6 turns until they snap out of it, but it also will hypnotize anyone watching the netrun through a videoboard or other graphical or full sensory connection. Screen saver also acts as a controller for videoboards, again broadcasting the hypnotic pattern to whomever may be watching.
Icon: A pocket-full of fractal that expands and clamps itself to the viewer's face.

Woody Woodpecker Woody Woodpecker
Class: Intrusion
Strength: 1
MU: 2
Cost: 180eb
Dif: 18

The ultimate diversion, Woody was built up to be a loud intrusion soft based on the hammer series, but with auto-rerez and unlimited endurance. This soft is activated, left at a wall location while the runner moves to another position in or around the datafort in question and watches the defensive software and sysops converge on the irritating soft. When in use, the Woodpecker alerts all defensive softs and runners within 15 squares. Even worse, once derezed it gets back up after d3 turns (if the re-rez roll succeeds, 1 in 3) and keeps going.
Icon: A cartoon woodpecker pecking at the datawall. Other versions include the Duckman who picks away at the wall ineffectively with a pickaxe and exclaims "What the Hell you looking at!?" when confronted and a final version is Big Bird who kicks at the wall and yells "Snuffleuffagus!!! Are you in there?!?" and then when others arrive and take notice he turns around and says "Hi Kids!" before continuing on the wall.

Safety Glasses Safety Glasses
Class: Protection / Detection
Strength: 8
MU: 4
Cost: 600eb
Dif: 30

Acting in all ways as an very up-powered See-Ya, these glasses also act as a shield against anti-personnel softs, to keep you from being blindsided while poking around where you most certainly shouldn't have been in the first place. Invisible programs, disguised programs or VRs appear to be silhoutted in black when viewed through the glasses. Buyers should beware not to confuse these glasses with their cheaper cousin the Peril-Sensitive Sunglasses (3MU, 500eb) which go completely black (temporarily blinding the 'runner) whenever the protection feature is triggered.
Icon: (contextural) A pair of red sunglasses that the runner looks through, and that shield his eyes.

Tank Tank 2019
Class: Anti-Personnel / Anti-Program / Intrusion / Protection
Strength: 9 (5)
MU: 17
Cost: 23,750eb
Dif: 95

Originally coded by the BlackHammer Project netrunner collective, this soft can be found occasionally lying around discarded. It suffers from extreme obsolescence and is treated as being 4 strength lower due to it's antiquity. Hogging up most of even the biggest decks MUs, Tanks cover all the netrunners needs, dealing out 2d6 damage to any datawall, program or netrunner daring enough to get in the way of the main gun. In addition any attack which manages to penetrate the defenses is reduced by 9 damage (rendering most anti-personnel and anti-program attacks next to useless).
This soft illustrates how underpowered most anti-personnel and anti-program softs are when confronted with a real protection soft (dif 10 + 15 to prevent 9 damage).
Icon: (fractal) A computer-generated TRON tank.
Tank 2022 is an updated Tank soft resurrected by the BlackHammer Project. No longer suffering from code obsolescence, this tank has much tighter code, is far faster (+2 deck speed) and has auto-rerez backup code. With a list value of 28,000eb and a difficulty of 120 to code, this is a One Of A Kind soft. (10MU)

GateMaster 6000 GateMaster 6000
Class: Utility
Strength: 8
MU: 2
Cost: 200eb
Dif: 20

Gatemaster 6000 is an upgrade to the GateMaster software that gives it recognition ability to delete any of the standard BrainWare Blowout Viruses that infiltrate a runner's deck.

GateMaster Lite GateMaster 6000Lite
Class: Utility
Strength: 3
MU: 1
Cost: 150eb
Dif: 15

When GateMaster 6000 was released by MacAfee associates, it was hailed as a masterpiece. A Large Masterpiece. GateMaster 6000Lite makes it's sales due to both smaller price and that it occupies half the system resources of GateMaster 6000. Otherwise treat it exactly as GateMaster 6000.

Viral 23 Viral 23
Class: Anti-System
Strength: 6
MU: 3
Cost: 750eb
Dif: 25

Although seemingly identical to Viral 15, Viral 23 incorporates the same recognition algorithms as GateMaster 6000, allowing it to seek out and destroy GateMaster software before going about it's random extermination of other software in the deck or system.
Icon: A mutli-coloured DNA strand in a blue cloud.