The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

Code This, Mother!

  Programming Languages  
A Programming Language is a complex translator program which acts as a mediator between the user and the "Machine Language" of the system. It reads and writes information to and from the Processor Core and translates this information so that it fits a set of created grammatical / logical rules. The result is a "user-friendly" working language in which to create specialty programs.

  Language Processors and Compilers  
Programs written in an appropriate programming language automatically take advantage of the "Code Optimization" option with a reduction to the +10 difficulty required for the optimization. Programming using a programming language requires that you have the language in question installed on your system as well as any systems the program is to be run on until the program has been run through a compiler. The chart at the bottom of the article lists the price and MU of each programming language. A compiler in that language will cost 20% of the language cost and is 1 MU in size.

  Programming Language Skills  
Most programs in CyberPunk are written in a standard interpreter language designed for cyber-interface systems, using the Programming skill. In this system, programming could be seen as "Programming Language: CyberNet C++" (or whatever language name you want to use in your games - I've been using either Virtual C++ or CyberNet C++ over the years). Programming Languages are another subset of the Language Skills, and follow the same rules, and each language bought in the same family as another you have is at one IP multiplier lower than listed up to the level of the skill in question (minimum of a x1 multiplier). Languages in the list below in the same colour block are considered to be in the same family.

CyberNet C++x1free+10 dif0 MUGeneric language for cyberdecks and CPUs.
BioBasicx1500 ebn/a0 MUMicrocode Language for cyberware microruns
C-IIx22,000 eb+0 dif2 MUSecurity priority communications
CMST(a)x32,500 eb+2 dif2 MUCommunications transmissions, telecom, satellite communications
MBX-IIIx22,200 eb+0 dif1 MUSatellite telemetry and control systems
I-Base-10x1300 eb+5 dif1 MUDatabases and CodeGates
SecSYSx43,000 eb+0 dif2 MUCodeGates, Detection softs and security system controller software
ODAC-IIIx46,000 eb-5 dif3 MUTop-line security scrambling for Code-Gates (and codecrackers)
Rembrandtx2300 eb+5 dif1 MUGraphics design, Icon creation and Graphics Controllers
Visidatx2700 eb+0 dif1 MUHolographic Displays and Controllers, 3D Iconography
Cortixx3700 eb+3 dif2 MUBlack Market Language (Wall Breakers & Virii)
StaSYSx21,000 eb+6 dif1 MUBlack Market Language (ICE Breakers)
DECAx43,000 eb+0 dif3 MUBlack Market Language (ICE Breakers, Wall Breakers)
Scr33C-Hx55,000 eb+0 dif4 MUBlack Market Language (Anti-Personnel)
Techrob-Cx2800 eb+4 dif1 MURobotic Systems Controllers
ScanTRAXx21,000 eb+3 dif1 MUSelf-Monitoring Systems, RoboFactories, etc