The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

The Pickle Bar

"Why officer, this ain't no drug bar, it's a pickle stand." - Synners

Welcome to Night City's only dedicated Pickle Stand. Open for business 24 hours a day, the Pickle Bar is an old General Motors 2005 Ground Effects Van (showing wear far beyond it's years) that operates along the Night City Strip. Boasting a huge assortment of pickles and other pickled goods (mostly SCOP and kibble derivatives, but there are some real Pig's Knuckles thrown into the mix) and one of the largest assortments of recreational pharmaceuticals in the whole city.

Welcome To The PickeBar
Johnny Delahunt
The proprietor of the Pickle Bar, Johnny Delahunt is a moderately effective fixer, but with a massive supply of recreational pharmaceuticals from various sources. He is very easy to recognize with his multiple back-lit cyberoptic system, and is usually pretty wired on some stimulant or another. He's been running the Pickle Bar for over 3 years now.


Waiting for you behind the counter, more often than not, is Johnny Delahunt, the most intense pickle-salesman in the known world. Johnny has a great memory for names and faces, as well as a person's past drug and pickle purchases. As a character approaches who has ever bought something here before he chips up "The Usual?" while cocking his eyebrows over his somewhat bizarre cyberoptic complex.

On the rare occasion that Johnny isn't working the counter, his only employee (read, Faceman), Shane, is there. Everything that Johnny is, Shane isn't. He isn't much of a salesman, nor does he have the salesman's memory of faces and buying habbits that Johnny has, but he's much less... intense... than Johnny. While Johnny rattles on at a mile-a-minute, Shane actually listens to the customers as he slowly works his way around the back of the counter. Even when the bus is doing brisk business, Johnny seems to be able to keep it pristinely clean, while it seems that Shane is always a vinnegar-spill or two behind.

Prices for pickled goods range from 0.20eb (for two pickled SCOP cubes) to 25eb for honest to goodness pig's knuckles. Prices for the more illicit trades vary depending on time of day, local weather, day of the week and the state of the proprietor's health (as well as some more rumoured essoteric variables such as sock colour, solar flare activity and the music playing on the local radio station).

To determine the price of a drug procured here (and almost any drug, recreational or otherwise, can be), roll 2D6 and subtract the number on the second die from the number on the first die (producing a number from -5 to +5). Multiply this result by 10% and apply this modifier to the cost of the drug to determine the current cost.

For example: Princess ColdHeart wants to buy some Rain which lists at 50eb a hit. She rolls her 2D6 - a 3 and a 5, thus netting her a 20% discount - and a final price of 40eb a hit.

Regulars of the Pickle Bar (especially ones who also by pickled goods as well as "pickling" goods) enjoy a -1 on the result (changing the range from -6 to +4) and those routinely spending over 2,000eb a month here enjoy a -2 modifier.