The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

CyberPunk 2021

New OptionWare for the Discerning Punk

PaceSetter Adrenal Control

FULL control over your adrenal gland! Only from PaceSetter
Providing control of the adrenal functions far and above those of Raven Microcyb's 2018 Adrenal Booster, the Adrenal Control Gland is the next step in combat/cooltm. First, for the combat crazed we have Adrenal OverLoad, which increases the user's REF, MA and STR by +1, and reduces COOL by one for D6+2 turns and can be triggered 3 times per day. Then there is Adrenal Boost which can be maintained at all times, and provides +1 to initiative and -1 on cool checks for fright and maintaining cool. Standard mode provides no penalties or benefits as the gland is no longer affecting the character's adrenal output. Reduced mode provides +1 on all rolls involving concentration as well as +1 on fright and maintaining cool checks. And Finally Ice-Mode ceases all adrenal flow to the character, providing all the benefits of Reduced mode, with an additional +2 to the character's Cool stat for the duration, at a penalty of -3 on all Death Saves, including instant death saves from 8+ damage to a location. Switching from one mode to another takes 3 seconds per mode between the character's current mode and target mode.

Adrenal Control Gland1,000eb1D6+2 HLMA Surgery
(by Denise Robinson / Dextra)

Multi-Link Plugs

Multiple interface plug sets without the HL! Jack me in Baybee!
Multi-Jacks or Multi-Link Plugs are set up so that one processor and link handles multiple interface plugs through a series of OR gates. What this means is that only one of the multiple sets of plugs can be active at any one time. The benefits are exceptional when used with ambidextrous shooters who aren't sure what hand they'll be using at any one time, or for those jack-heads who run around plugged into their personal PC as well as their gun and their car - just have to decide which one is using the neural net currently. For total overkill, run TWO sets of Triple or Quad Multi-Jacks. Up to 8 Jacks with 2 active at any one time...

Double Multi-Jack300eb1d6+1 HL(MA)
Triple Multi-Jack400eb1d6+2 HL(MA)
Quad Multi-Jack500eb1d6+3 HL(MA)

"Sniffer" Nasal Filters.

Improved Nasal Filters with an analysis system built in!
These nasal filters have an included analysis sytem to determine what they are in fact filtering out of your breathing air. It is only useful if linked to an Evironmental Biomonitor, Optics with Times Square Marquee, or a ChipJack with a recording chip. The filters handle tear gas and CS gas as well as most industrial contaminants with a 99% rate, and handle most combat gasses (such as knock-out gasses) 80% of the time. Because they have to be linked to another piece of cyberwear, the surgery is moved up from Neg. to Minor surgery, but it is quite worth it to help settle workman's compensation disputes. 200eb . 3HL . Minor Surgery

Sniffer Filter System200eb3 HLM Surgery
(by Denise Robinson / Dextra)

Environmental BioMonitor

Just like your old BioMonitor, but with so much MORE!!!
This upgrade on the standard Biomonitor does all the usual health-tracking functions (pulse, respiration, brain waves, blood sugar, temperature and cholesterol levels), the Environmental Biomonitor also keeps track of a whole slew of other factors (radiation exposure, ultra-violet index, blood-oxygen level, blood-nitrogen levels, manganese, sulfur, lead, mercury, aluminium, biotoxins, current gravity, air pressure and pre-programmed drugs). Because the Environmental BioMonitor needs access to the lungs for data, it is mounted just over the rib-cage, but leads to a read-out in the usual forearm location or linked to a cyberoptic with Times Square Marquee.

BioMonitor Plus1,000eb1.5 HLN Surgery
(by Denise Robinson / Dextra)