The Blackhammer Cyberpunk Project

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O n l y   H e a v y   M i l i t a r y
R e - I n v e n t i n g   t h e   G u n

"We're not into originality here at OHM, we don't pay designers thousands of pounds a year just so they can knock up some half arsed autopistol. We're into improvement and we're into quality. Two words some gunsmiths seem to have forgotten over the years. Though we may be a small company we've got some of the world's best freelance weaponsmiths under one roof ensuring that you get what you pay for."

- Channel 54 Blip-Vert

OHM is the protegé of Hideo Masamune, former military weapons designer. In 2018 he quit his job after departmental resizing and budget cuts meant most of his projects were either axed or underfunded. Using the capital he made from minor embezzlement, loans and so forth he started up an moderately sized arms dealership, specialising in the design and augmentation of high velocity weapons.

C o r p o r a t e   P o r t f o l i o

H e a d q u a r t e r s
Shinjuku, Tokyo

M a i n   O f f i c e s
Kyoto, Munich, London, New York and Night City.

O u t l e t s
These will be placed in countries with the main offices. There will usually be ten to twenty scattered across that country. This may seem sparse but Only Heavy Military is primarily a mail order service. To contact OHM simply access the buisness listing at your nearest dataterm.

E q u i p m e n t
A fleet of 300 18 wheelers. 5 Aerodynes for emergency deliveries and 2 cargo ships for deliveries in bulk. Being an arms dealership they have access to a multitude of small arms and their main offices have plenty of heavy weapons.

E m p l o y e e s
Office workers: 153
Gunsmiths: 297
Troops: 251
Covert: Varies

OHM have around three to four espionage experts in every major arms company in the world.

T h e   G u n s m i t h s

At any of OHM's smaller outlets you can always find a competent gunsmith. They are all fairly trained, but as the saying goes, "variety is the spice of life" Not all gunsmiths are created equal so to determine who's gonna be messing round with your piece follow the following formula.

A OHM gunsmith is has a base of 12. Now roll 2D10 subtracting the lower number from the higher number. Add or subtract the number you get.

For example...

Rethé sends his Wondernine in for a precision reboring. He rolls 8 and a 10 thus giving the gunsmith +2 to his base.

Now all the gunsmith has to roll is a 5+






F o r   t h e   F u t u r e

Mr. Masamune has big dreams for his company. Though at the moment he see's the company as his greatest achievement, he still knows what he created it for in the first place. A way to privately fund his own personal projects.

In the next few years or so, Mr. Masamune plans to move on to bigger and better things. His next line of weapon production seems to be moving toward either borg or mecha designs and his recent deal with Canivore Inc. seems to confirm these rumours. What is going to be produced is unknown but seeing his track record it will probably be human to borg/mecha weaponry conversions.

Courtesy of Dartboard