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Okay choombas, listen' up!

This isn't goodbye like I ain't coming back, but it's goodbye like I'm gonna be gone for a while. Maybe a long while. I'm officially taking a hiaitus from the BlackHammer Project.
There is a competition for my gaming time, and another system is winning it. In the past year I've received VERY little commentary on my work on this site, and none concerning the articles I have written in that time. I don't know if any of you are using this material or just looking at it and laughing. Hell, the only comment I got when I missed my first monthly update was one person laughing at me for missing it... Meanwhile, in the past five months I've been working on material for another system, and even better than praise for this material, I've received something greater; feedback.
Now, with the advent of the D20 license, I'm in a situation I've only dreamed of before. I can now publish my home-grown material and make money from it without having to pay out a large portion of the proceeds for the license rights. This is where I'm going. Together with a friend and the support of my wife, I have begun WarHound Production, from whence we will be publishing original materials for the D20 system. Come give us a look-see and find out what happened.
Henry-Chin / Night City Cru - I miss our heydays of CyberPunk guys and gals, and your souped-up psychos. You are my concept of a high-end CP game, and the iconic characters when I write modules.
NodeGamra - OMFG! WTF?! Damnit! Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck.
Bryce Bezdek - For the CSWAT 2020 stuff. I wish I could find your missing files man... the drive is toast.
Simon / CyberJunk - Keep it alive man, you know I'll be back.
Sta-Hi Mooney - Some of us breathe life into our characters, others breathe life into new people. When you get that zine going, you know I'm still here.
Mike Pondsmith - You get that third edition out and you may just be able to get me all excited about writing this material again.
It's been a good four years!
  • July - XX - 2001
    BlackHammer Project - I've scanned and converted four Shadowrun guns from the Fields of Fire SR2 supplement. There are the Walther PB-120 and Hammerli Model 610S on the Handguns Page and the Savalette Guardian and Ingram Warrior-10 on the SubGuns Page all in the Shadowrun Conversions section of the site (which has also seen a cosmetic make-over).

  • June - 01 - 2001
    BlackHammer Project - Okay, okay, so it's still May, I just couldn't sit on the June 1 update any longer! This month's lineup includes: A new NPC from Dom Fada has been added to The Bodybank, a netrunner called Jimmy Young. From the streets of Bulgaria, Militech is importing the Shipka 200 SMG, and Heckler & Koch USA has dug up another shipment of their MP10K and MP10KMini SMGs (all on the Submachine Guns page). Smith & Wesson bring us the unique Model 929 Revolver, and the S11 Automatic to the Handguns page. And there is a new Colt caseless AR in the Rifles selection. I've added the scrolling news listing to the front page. Do you like it? Do you hate it? Tell me! Added the countdown to CP3 script to this page. We've got a new Downloads Section in the second menu of the front page, so far it's got four different Character Record Sheets available for download, including one practically straight from the CP2020 rulebook, and a quick litle program to name your NPCs.

  • May - 08 - 2001
    BlackHammer Project - I've added Eric Duckworth's D20 CyberPunk Conversion Document (a 160kb RTF document converting the core CyberPunk RPG to the D20 System used by Dungeons and Dragons Third Edition) to the Rules page. The listbot servers are down, so I haven't done the monthly update email yet... hopefully this is a temporary problem. Fixed a bunch of bad links on the Firearms Archive page - links to the Oddities, Dart Guns, and Jim Lawrie's Modern Weapons XL file which were all pointing to the wrong file or a non-existant file (thanks for UPCC for the tip on two of those). Also fixed the link to the Nanites article off the Tech page. If you've run afoul of any other 404's due to our recent server crash and backup reload, please email the Hound ( and report them.

  • May - 06 - 2001
    BlackHammer Project - CyberJunk and I are now sharing the Words From The Edge cyberpunk forum, you can get there using the link on the front page. Updated the Legal Notice to tell all you pirates who owns this stuff. Finally, based on statistical data on gunshot wounds during firearms assaults by the CDC, I have produced a simple, realistic and revised firearms hit location table linked to from the Combat page.

  • April - 01 - 2001
    FutureShock - Ever since the switch from Webring to Yahoo I've had SERIOUS problems maintaining the webring. So serious that I'm going to tear it down and attempt to rebuild it with another company's scripts instead of the crappy new Yahoo ones. The whole thing should be finished by the end of the month. If you applied to join the webring in the past three months, yoru application got eaten by Yahoo.
    BlackHammer Project - Strange musings about 2020 Drug Culture have been added to the Drugs page. I also added the Disengage link to the front page for people who want to CLOSE the damn frames on the site! With the announced release of CP3, I've changed the Poll again! Updated a link. More Maximum Metal vehicles from NodeGamra - EEC/Panhard Mk-12 Infantry Support Vehicle, Republic of Texas M-86 Multiple Mortar Carrier,

  • March 2001
    BlackHammer Project - Hey, we're back! After a month with a non-existant internet connection, my wireless modem is back on-line, and so is the update! We may stop doing monthly updates from now on, instead uploading each document as soon as it is finished and linking to it from the front page for a month or so for each document. I'm way behind on bringing your awesome contributions and submissions to HTML format, but soon come (including an update for CSWAT 2020!) New on the Jack Attack page is Sprawl Scenes a selection of "random" and interesting encounters for various situations. Currently there are six encounters each for Punks in Cars and for Punks Sneakin' About (12 encounters total). If you are interested in what other gaming persuits I've been stuck doing, check out my new Dungeons & Dragons 3e site, The Iron Keep.

  • January 2001
    BlackHammer Project - Hey look, the portal look is done for all main pages! Now I just have to redo the 200+ articles to match (sigh). New from Wild Bill on the Jack Attack page is The Perfect Villain, an article on, well, the perfect villain. I've HTMLized the first four of Nodegamra's Military Vehicles that he made using Maximum Metal. Included is the EEC/GIAT Industries MK-7 SPATG/SPG, M-11A1 Stonewall, M-1E1 SuperAbrams and General Dynamics M-66 Jungle Warfare tank. I'm in the process of making and procuring illustrations for some of these... but I won't be able to do them all (Node sent in something like 30 new MaxMetal fighting vehicles - so i'll never get them all illustrated - I'm just not that good of an illustrator). If you have illustration ideas for these vehicles, please send them in. Added the Submission Guidelines page off the front page.

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