The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

BlackHammer Polls

Since our move in February 2000 we've been hosting micro-polls on the front page of the frames edition of the site (sorry no-framers, you lose out occasionally - it just doesn't look good on the NoFrames edition). We'll post the results of these polls on this page, with any snide remarks I decide to make along the way.

BlackHammer Poll
Are you going to buy CP3?

I'll buy it.
No plans to buy it.
Avoid it at all costs.

What do yoou think of the system?

Fuzion Rocks
I'll try it and see
Fuzion Sucks

Current Results
- Jan 2001 -
Like the new style?
VERY Positive 50% (116)
Positive 44% (100)
Neutral 3% (6)
Negative 2% (4)
VERY Negative 1% (3)

Like BlackHammer Mail 86% (118)
Dislike BlackHammer Mail 14% (20)

Like Improved Search 91% (144)
Dislike Improved Search 9% (14)

Like Frames 68% (134)
Dislike Frames 32% (62)
It seems the only trouble you had was deciding if the change was Positive or VERY Positive! And of course we have the question of frames, so the site will continue to be offered with the frames as an option instead of mandatory for navigation.

- April 2000 -
How munchkinized are your players?
How do you kill your PCs?
Big Guns 42%
Netrunner Controlled Remotes 19%
Rubber Chickens and Bad Puns 12%
Dragoon Assault Team 17%
Ortillery Strike 11%
260 Votes Received
Personally I favour Netrunner Controlled Remotes (and have never had to follow through on the last two), but it seems most PCs die the way of the big gun...
- March 2000 -
How penile-deficient are you?
What's your favourite CP2020 gun?
Colt AMT 2000 20%
HK MPK-11 36%
Barret/Arasaka Light 20 21%
Teen Dreem 10%
Militech Ronin 13%
780 Votes Received
The March Poll was severely tampered with on or around March 7th, when someone registered about 200 votes to bring the percentage for all the categories up to 20% (quite the climb for the Light 20 which was sitting at 3% prior to that). Several other ballot stuffings occured afterwards, but we fixed them. Anyways, I'm not going to complain too loudly, each time they voted on it they made me richer!
- February 2000 -
How Often Do You Express Your Geek-Like Tendencies?
How often do you play / run RPGs?
Less than once a month 11%
Once a month 6%
Twice a month 11%
Once a week 39%
More than once a week 33%
480 Votes Received