The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

H i t   T h i s , ' P u n k !
Hit Locations by Randy Robertson

Our group uses a 2d10 chart. It seems to make things go a little faster and, in Cyberpunk, speed is everything. It allows most shots to flow towards the middle of the body, but not so much that the rest of the body goes unharmed. It also limits those annoying head shots and includes some strange stuff, just in case. Damage modifiers are, of course, for the damage that actually gets through any armor. Target modifiers are for specific

2Headx 2-6
3Left Forearm / Elbowx1/2-4
4Right Forearm / Elbowx1/2-4
5Left Upper Armx1/2-3
6Right Upper Armx1/2-3
7Left Shoulderx1-2
8Right Shoulderx1-2
14Left Hipx1-2
15Right Hipx1-2
16Left Thighx1/2-3
17Right Thighx1/2-3
18Left Shin / Kneex1/2-4
19Right Shin / Kneex1/2-4

Extremities (1d6)
1Left Handdisabled
2Right Handdisabled
3Left Footdisabled
4Right Footdisabled
5Skull Grazestun only, check for KO
6Groinstun only, check for KO at -5

Yes, extremities can be blown off, but the actual damage is limited. Also, there are no vital organs in the groin (in a manner of speaking), but the effects are pronounced. A good GM might apply damage if the groin is blown off, but that's more of a case-by-case thing. I personally think that 9mm castration is it's own punishment.