The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

This table is partially the result of my deranged imagination, and partially caused by a Netrunning door-game from a BBS I used to frequent. Roll 2D6 on it whenever a fumble occurs involving a program in the net.

2-3 Minor IG Glitch - netrunner cannot move for 1d3 turns.
3-5 Program Crash - program goes down and will not reboot until CyberDeck is rebooted.
6-7 Random Program Corrupted - 4d10% chance program crashes whenever used.
8 Major Program & OS Crash - program goes down as above and any further programs used have a 20% chance of crashing each use as above.
9 Major IG Glitch - All programs on netrunner's deck attacked at STR 6 for d6 damage.
10 Program Glitch - roll on glitch table.
11 Flatline - deck crashes.
12 Major Flatline - deck crashes, IG-Transform chip burned.