The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

CyberPunk 2021

Nanotech For The Discerning Punk

4th gen Enhancing Nan
All 4th gen enhancers share certain abilities. Each variety increases a stat (limited to Int, Ref, Att, MA, Str & Bod) by either +1, +2 or +3. Each also requires one month of nan-therapy per bonus, although a level 3 Enhancer will provide +1 after 1 month, +2 after two, etc. In addition, each month of nan-therapy has a 4% chance of incuring some major, debilitating side-effect (Parkinsons, impotence, grossly malignant cancer, visual cortex damage, etc). Once the required nan-therapy has been completed, a maintenance has to be upheld or the nan can no longer function, and the increased stat will gradually return to it's original level after 1 month per level. The mantenance is a special dietary supplement (levels 1 & 2) with occasional injections (level 3) that cost 100eb per level of the nan per month. The nan-therapy itself costs 100eb per day of therapy for the first level, 200eb per day for the second and 300eb per day for the third level, requiring 30 days of therapy per level. Humanity loss is minimal because of the gradual increase, being 1HL per level.
Please note that these are the version of the Steroids from the Hardwired supplement that we use in our games, and therefore resemble them quite a bit in basic rules

Rapid-Acquisition Nanites
RA-Nan increases the brain's ability to acquire information to a disturbing level. Two days after inbibing the RA-Nan, the user gains the ability to acquire INT and TECH based skills from book-reading and computer-based education at 10IP (5IP new system) or 20IP (10IP new system) per day respectively. The RA-Nan maintains this ability for 2-5 days, but each day the user has a 10% EACH of losing one point of INT, TECH or REF. In addition, once the RA-Nan has run it's course, any skill (but not special abilities) NOT increased during it's use are decreased by 1. RA-Nan is still experimental, but can be acquired with a very difficult streetdeal roll or an appropriate contact for between 3 and 6 thousand euro.

RTS-400 "Flash" Nan
The frst "successful" attempt at a nan-based "combat drug", FlashNan provides +5 initiative, +4 endurance, +4 awareness, and +2 Ref. The user also gains +6 Alienation and +6 Egotism (or 12 HL if using normal CyberPsychosis rules) for the full duration. Once the nanotech has run it's course it leaves permanent damage to the user's nervous system (-1 Ref). Once inbibed, the FlashNan takes one hour to take effect, and runs it's course in 6. Each use of Flash Nan is difficult to find with Streetdeal, or very difficult with Streetwise and costs 500eb.