The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project
Fun With MonoWire!

Before you dig through the fun and tasty tech in this article, you should read the rules for MonoWire from Flipper Is Dead, The UK CyberPunk ThinkTank.

With all this crazy BuckminsterFullerene out there, ready to separate you from your favourite limbs and digits, we need to have the right toys to play with it!
MonoMesh Cloth
MonoMesh is a strong kevlar based cloth with a grid of monowire built into it. The weave is very strong, designed so that the monowire will not cut through the rest of the cloth when stressed, so that the wearer is not threatened by their own clothes. Clothing made of MonoMesh cloth MUST have an SP value of at least 4 (in order for the cloth to be strong enough to support the monomesh weave). MonoMesh weave increases the cost of the clothing five-fold, but makes it nearly 100% immune to MonoWire except at extreme speeds (will prevent up to double the SP value of the clothing in damage from MonoWire), and is excellent protection against MonoBlades (provides full SP against MonoBlade and MonoCrystal weapons).

MonoMesh Gloves
The primary use for MonoMesh cloth has always been in gloves, since they allow people to safely handle monowire. A standard pair of MonoMesh gloves is SP:6 Black or Khaki armour cloth with Mesh Weave. This allows the wearer to handle Monowire with complete safety, even under tension. It won't stop a MonoWhip 100% of the time, but it's great for setting up and also for disarming MonoWire triplines and traps. A standard pair of MonoMesh gloves will set you back 300eb.

MonoLine Cutter
This ceramic "blade" looks like a 9" x 1" round baton. Marked on 1 or more sides of the cylinder (depending on the cost and company) are black lines indicating the cutting points. When pressed against a MonoWire under tension, the ceramic cutting edge will break the MonoWire cleanly at the point of contact. If the line is not under tension, then a pair of MonoMesh gloves will be needed to pull the line against the cutter. A standard cutter will cost a ‘punk about 150eb.

MonoLine Spool and Brake
The ultimate in Black Ops rappeling gear, this is a miniature, high-strength ceramic reel and brake built into a body harness. The ceramic reel holds up to 100m of MonoLine, and can be pre-set to slow your descent and stop you after a certain distance has been reached. The MonoLine ends in a grapple and a ceramic ring to connect it to an anchor point. The reel is controlled by a remote control in the front of the rappeling rig to raise or lower you to any keyed in height (up to the 100m of MonoLine available). The rig and reel tags in at about 1,500eb plus the cost of the monowire.

MonoWire Dispensors:
There are a plethora of Dispensing systems for MonoWire on the market, with an even wider variety of manufacturers (although most of them use the same MonoWire supplier for the contents of their dispenser).
The basic unit looks like a "Pokemon" ball from the turn of the millenium. Most of these are dual-function, and can be activated in two ways. The first is to separate the ball into halves with the monowire held at tension between the halves, with a reel built into one half. The halves often come with limpet-style glue beads so they can be attached to a wall or other surface for quick tripwires. The second activation method is to pull a ring out of one half that trails the MonoWire to the reel. This is more useful for garrots and cheesecutters. The "Pokeball" dispenser costs about 50eb more than the MonoWire it contains.
Other standard dispensors include the Belt Buckle dispenser (25eb times style modifier), Pistol Grip dispenser (200eb, only for pistols that don't keep the ammunition in the grip), Knife Handle (200eb), and Wrist Watch (300eb).