The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

Machine Guns
The Boyz
of Loving Grace

Y o u r   O n e S t o p   S u p e r i o r
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Night City, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Montreal, Toronto, Atlanta, Gary, Honolulu, Dallas, Boston, Oakland



Big Guns For
Big People

Special Offers
We carry the exclusive line of Locutus Technologies enhanced weapons as well as the full "Big Guns For Big People" Militech series. We also maintain a team of in-house weaponsmiths to modify any existing gun or even to sit down with you on an innovative design.

Traveller Precision Rifles
Best known for their bullpup "sporting" rifles with a unique high-tech polymer frame, we also carry the full paramilitary line of Traveller rifles from their African markets.

Revisiting the Militech Ronin
With the gradual replacement of the Militech Ronin by the Militech Mark IV infantry rifle, many Ronins are making it back into the marketplace in the U.S. and abroad. We have not only a large supply of traditional Ronins, but at Machine Guns Of Loving Grace we also have a selection of specialty firearms designed on the old Ronin frame from various operations groups and corporate clients.

Our Catalog
A full listing of firearms from the BlackHammer Project. WARNING: this file is quite large (167k) and therefore somewhat slow-loading.

Our Staff
Our Friendly (EMP 7+) staff are all chipped with Specific Knowledge: Firearms at +6 or better, to better serve you.

Our Stores
Class C Dealerships with special emphasis on Counter-Terrorist and Electrothermic Firearms.