The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

CyberPunk 2021

Literary Tech Toys

The following are bits a pieces of Tech that I've implemented from various novels. So far it only includes two items from the Mack Raynolds novel "Police Patrol:2000 A.D.". And just so you know, it sucked.

Wrist Alarm

(from Police Patrol:2000 A.D. by Mack Raynolds)

A fairly large wrist unit (designed to be obvious to ward off would-be muggers) that combines the features of a GPS and auto-911-dialer. When triggered, the unit broadcasts it's GPS data to the local 911 system and the system immediately dispatches officers to the exact location of the trouble. There is a monthly service charge of 40eb, and a false-alarm charge of 500eb.
Wrist 911 Alarm Summons the police to user's location in D6+1 minutes 200eb

Police .38 Recoilless

(from Police Patrol:2000 A.D. by Mack Raynolds)

A standard-issue sidearm for Patrol Officers in cities and corporate enclaves attempting to maintain a front of the "Good Old Days". While it appears to be a normal police-issue revolver from the mid-20th Century, it is actually a dual-propellant gyrojet pistol. The rounds themselves are quite long, nearly 2 incehs, as they contain a primary gyroject fuel load and a secondary ignition load of gunpowder to give the round a somwhat effective muzzle velocity. Damage within 10m is D6+1 from the initial shot, beyond that the gyrojet rocket propels it to 3D6+1 damage.
Police Recoilless PST +0 WA J P 1D6+1 / 3D6+1 6 2 80m VR 800eb