The BlackHammer CyberPunk Project

Associated Sites

C-SWAT 2020
Coded by the author of the BlackHammer Project, C-SWAT 2020 is a collection of the files for a CSWAT campaign run by and written by Bryce Bezdek. Learn about the history and tactics of CSWAT and SPAR Teams. Just about everything you need to run a CSWAT campaign except players!

Polymer Heaven
Your Plastic Pistol Playland. Created by author of the BlackHammer Project, Polymer Heaven is dedicated to our little obsession, the Polymer One-Shot. This site collects data on Polymer One-Shots from the various CP2020 books, as well compiling Polymer One-Shots from various web-sites.

Chrome Book 5
The Chrome Book 5 project is a collection of new materials from various authors collected in part from the newsgroup and from other contributors. It includes several items from the BlackHammer Project and I also contribute artwork to other submissions there.

Solos Of Fortune : 2020
A work-in-progress to build a Mercenary Operations RPG out of the CyberPunk 2020 RPG, all set within the CyberPunk framework. New character generation rules, combat rules, command control and stress effects as well as a new way to handle CyberPsychosis in a game with little interpersonal activity.

The FutureShok:2020 is the web's premiere CyberPunk 2020 webring, featuring over 45 of the web's hottest Cyber Sites. I also maintain this webring, and am one of the group who decide the fate of applicants to the ring.

Outside Links
Instead of maintaining a huge list of links to CyberPunk websites for you to peruse (I've tried in the past and have even gone so far as to build a few pages with some site reviews and such, that I've never finished or maintained), I've linked to some of the best lists of CyberPunk links currently on the net for you to dig through.

CyberPunk 2020 Links @ FutureShok:2020
Over 50 Links to the various member sites of the FutureShok:2020 Webring. Each link has a description of the site provided by the site's owner but are not rated.

CyberPunk Top 100 SiteList
A site that lists CyberPunk sites rated by how many hits the list has received from that site in the month. Currently has 43 CyberPunk links with descriptions by the owners of the linked sites.

CyberPunk 2020 Links @ Datafortress
Over 150 Links to various CyberPunk 2020 sites, hosted by DataFortress 2020. Each and every link has a review and rating from 1 to 10, telling you what to expect from the site.

CyberPunk 2020 Links @ ChromeBook 5
Over 150 Links to various CyberPunk 2020 sites, hosted by The ChromeBook 5 Project. A few have reviews written by the reviewed sites' owner, and all are rated from 0 to 5.

CyberPunk Links @
20+ links submitted to the new webmaster of the new R.Talsorian Games site (Night Flyer).

Discussion Forums
These are all places that encourage discussion of various aspects of the CyberPunk game and gaming genre. This allows some amount of interactivity between players and game masters of different groups and between webmasters of the CP sites and the readers.

The Newsgroup for your cyberpunk needs. This is also the newsgroup for ShadowRun and occasionaly Rifts and several other "CyberPunk" RPGs. If your ISP does not provide nntp (newsgroup) service, or does not have available, you can also subscribe to it through DejaNews

The CyberPunk 2020 Mailing List (CPML)
Courtesy of Largo01, we have the original CPML - a discussion forum for all things CyberPunk. This is where many of my inventions get their test drive before being mounted here on the Project Site. Sign up now for scads of email about the game from many of the CPunk sites SysOps and Players.

The New CyberPunk 2020 Mailing List
Courtesy of Night Flyer / Paul Romine, we have another email forum for CyberPunk discussions, this one hosted off of the OneList servers. Not quite as lively as the CPML, but it's still very young. You may also submit items to the Chrome Book 5 project through here.

GhostLord's CyberPunk Message Forum
Set up and maintained by GhostLord, this discussion forum is operated through the bravenet forum software at Unfortunately quite often Bravenet suffers from such high traffic that the forum is unavigable. This is the forum that used to be linked to on the front page of the BlackHammer CyberPunk Project.

CyberPunk Message Forum at WebRPG
Another bbs-style forum for discussing CyberPunk 2020, hosted by WebRPG. I prefer the Bravenet forum above, but this one doesn't suffer from bandwidth problems as much / often.

CyberPunk BBS @ R.Talsorian Games
Another BBS-style forum for CP2020, hosted at, and set up by Night Flyer. CyberPunk Forums
A different format than the above, and one that I've learned to love. This forum currently draws the most traffic of all the CP2020 forums and mailing lists currently and offers a variety of discussion rooms for different topics. My current fave.

Now this is a bit ridiculous, and I have to accept that I'm not helping matters by maintaining a CP2020 webring myself, but there really are too many CyberPunk webrings on the net today. The webrings listed below are all ones operated through the scripts at, and some stretch the concept of a ring a little (a web-point?).
The FutureShok 2020 Webring
Currently the largest CP2020 webring on-line - maintained by myself of course. 45 sites at time of upload.

The Cyberpunk 2020 webring
Frighteningly out-of-date CP2020 webring - and the original. 13 sites at time of upload, although most of them are no longer on-line or at the listed address...

EuroMatrix, The French CyberPunk Webring
CyberPunk is a successful RPG in france, and this webring shows us around some of the best french CyberPunk websites. 18 sites at time of upload

The Fuzion Chamber Webring
Webring dedicated to the Fuzion System - including CyberPunk 3. 13 Sites at time of upload.

Drisdrunk's CyberPunk 2020 Webring
12 Sites at time of upload

The Polish CyberPunk 2020 Webring
Kinda specialized for my tastes... 2 sites at time of upload.

The Dark Future Webring
The Zero Project "webring" for CP2020. 1 site at time of upload.

CyberPunk 2020 Webring
1 site at time of upload

These websites are all owned and operated by persons who have contributed to the BlackHammer CyberPunk Project over the years. When these contributors own several pages, I've linked to the one most related to CyberPunk.
dark age roleplaying game
Absolutely beautifully re-vamped version of the DarkAge version of CyberPunk by Richard Harris. A complete free RPG now! Get there now and check it out!

Grave Sur Chrome
One of the best french CyberPunk sites out there. Includes the net's largest illustrated weapons listing for CP2020.

Chris Lupton's CyberPunk Pages (updated URL)
Chris Lupton's site includes an essential article on smartgun systems that everyone should read and implement immediately, as well as some house rules and Redneck Rifles!

Hunter Firearms
UPCC's Cyberpunk site, mostly about new guns, armour and drugs... LOTS of new guns, armour and drugs that is...

The Dark Gulf of N'Kai
Eggo Von Eggo's excellent Cthulhu resource site and Webring

The Houndwife 101's not-very-dark World of Darkness solution to Gehenna

Winter Knights Creations
Glenn Hall's multiverse site, with his writtings and several RPG pages (Blood Bowl, Car Wars and Star Trek).

Delta Chrome 2040
m0n0lyth's site for her own alternate CyberPunk campaign setting.